Jonathan and Bartolomej Picture

Some characters from my current STORY are loosely based on looks, motifs, or draw from powers and personality traits from my older stories. Some, just by coincidence, others, traditionally came from certain aspects I'm just keeping current.

Well then, for the archetypical "european fire based hero", a recurrent figure since 2001, these serve as versions from 2007 to 2008 and 2013 to 2014, respectively. As the story progresses, the latter character (Bartolomej/Dazbog) changes (this depiction of him as is here comes from advanced parts of the story), as the 2007's characters (re-imagined as Jonathan di Firenze, orginally "Fikrers") is already a reformulation of a character that has been running on the series (and was so far the most different one - having orange hair instead of black or dark brown, and having more inspiration from the slavic mythology [obviously not on his looks, but on powers and inclination] than from the more cliche hero from mediterranean europe).

As such, after this rendition some style has been kept, such as the black clothing and the orange hair. Jonathan had Five Swords, blessed by the Prince of Sky - God of Sun, an un-recognised elemental which rivals Soolieh Vohk and Aminorak, a Ghost and a son of a Warlord which usurped him his people ('Nibelangs'). Dazbog has Perun's Axe and the Xnobius-based Flare Axe. Both have fire arms.

They look awkwardly to each other, knowing they might have common destinies in their respective realities, taking up the mantle of those ready to avenge the native faith of their countries against an usurper which rid their people from the ininterrupt emanation of ancestral memory. To do so, they both are blessed with the fire of the gods, to burn down the monotheistic lie they've been told.
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