Firebringer and Fire Bringer Picture

I absolutely love xenofiction; stories told from the perspective of animals or other non-human characters. After “Watership Down” by Richard Adams, my favorite xenofictions are “The Firebringer Trilogy” by Meredith Anne Pierce and the unrelated “Fire Bringer” by David Clement-Davies. I paired unicorns of “Firebringer” with the deer of “Fire Bringer” that they are most like.

Illishar and the wolf: Predators of the hero’s people who get injured while hunting the hero. They both get nursed back to health by the hero and become their allies in the final battle.
Prince Aljan and Rannoch: The prophesized Chosen One and Firebringer with the white forehead mark. They both spend much of the story in denial about their foretold destinies, and were lied to about their true parentage in order to protect them.
Alma and Herne: Deities from mythology who speak to the hero in times of need.

Sa and Bhreac: Old and kind females who die tragic deaths.
Oro and Birrmagnur: Ambassadors from foreign herds who bring their people to aid the hero in the final battle.
Halla and Starbuck: Heroes from legends and stories.
Calydor and Brechin: Fine and strong fathers of the hero who didn’t get to see their sons grow up.

A’a and Rurl: Sea mammals who brought their pod to save the hero when he was about to drown.
Dagg and Bankfoot: Childhood friends of the hero who fight alongside them.
Ushuk and Thistle: Rivals of the hero who die because of a fall and neck injury.
Tek and Tain: Storytellers and friends of the hero.

Lell and Willow: Brave female characters who fight in the final battle just before the hero brings fire.
Ses and Eloin: Beautiful mothers of the hero.
Korr and Drail: Corrupt and misguided leaders of their herds who die as a result of their disbelief in the truth.
Companion and Sgorrla: Corrupt authority surrounding and protecting the corrupt leader.

Ink and colored pencil on paper
© Kristen Kelly 2014

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