P: H Allen Edward Picture

More concept art for Project: Hero.
I'm trying to sketch out a character's "hero costume" and their "secret identity" costume on the same page. Not that any of the characters really have secret identities.

Name: Allen Edward (an assumed alias, his real name is long forgotten)
Hero Name: Prometheus
Age: 20 (Or so he claims)
Gender: Male
Powers: Tier 6 Pyrokinesis, Tier 3 Healing Factor, Tier 5 Human Condition (Peak Human)

Bio: Allen is said to have abandoned his family and friends in order to protect them from his abilities. He assumed a new name and eventually found his way to Angel City, where he wound up unemployed and homeless. After watching several acts of brutality; rape, murder, extortion. Allen eventually decided he had enough of being a ‘faceless hobo’ and dawned a mask to fight crime as the first “full-time superhero” his public acts caught the attention of not only the media, but of other meta-humans. Unwittingly giving birth to the “Mask Boom” in which several meta-humans dawned costumes to fight crime.
Personality: Allen suffers from “Spider-Man Syndrome” and is constantly making jokes at every turn. He remains light-hearted despite his stressful situation of being a meta-human, a hero, and homeless.
He believes even a city as corrupt as Angel City can become a paradise if new laws are enforced. He doesn’t believe in the current justice system, viewing it as flawed. He instead operates by his own code of justice, which makes him one of the few meta-humans that willingly uses lethal force when necessary. He also disagrees with both The Rejects, and the Meta-Human Union which enforce the current ‘flawed laws’ and often lack foresight.

Name Meaning: Allen takes his hero name from Prometheus, who in mythology stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mankind.
Allen Edward, the pseudonym he now goes by, is apparently inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, or so he claims.

Notes: Allen is a master free-climber, and views the city as something of a playground, he often climbs walls, and is known to occasionally break into unlocked houses to check the news. He heals from wounds faster than normal people, recovering from deep cuts in hours. Severe injuries while not as fatal, still require him to back off for a while to rest and heal.
Because he has no job he will, upon saving people, shamelessly ask them for some money to get a meal.
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