Frozon Villain Data 1 Picture

It's Cool-down time! (as apposed to flame on...haha)

Frozon is a very cool character, not just because of his powers, but even his costume is cool as he doesn't care about tight fitting hero costumes, just something to show he is cold.

His villain is one hell of a huge man though, therefore gaining the name of Frost Giant. He isn't really a mythological giant, just that he is huge. He is well protected from cold, and he is able to resist frost, thus able to survive in the harshest regions and battle with Frozon. Unlike Frozon who can change temperature, manipulate water and ice, he manipulates frost, as in snow, hail and icicles, which I think, is different from the solid state of water.

So, 2 forms of frozen power-beings come into battle. What will happen?
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