Loki - Bust Sketch Picture

Yeah. I did it. I drew Loki. But not Marvel's "I'm so haut!" movie-verse Loki, nor their comic-verse version. And I'd like to say this is Neil Gaiman's Low-key Lyesmith from American Gods, but nope, he's not even that Loki.

No, this is my Loki, Jotun-born and devious with age. The Norse mythology pegged him as beautiful, and I decided to make him a former beauty. This Loki will appear at some point in my Mad Mummy comic series, as he is...intimately tied with an important character...perhaps two important characters.

One of the main physical features I added and want accentuated are the black scars beneath his eyes running down his cheek. This is meant to represent the countless, burning tears he produced when he was entrapped with the serpent's venom searing his skin.

Loki is a figure from Norse mythology, and is in the public domain. The Mad Mummy and all affiliated characters are my own property.
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