Halor, the Gargoyle Knight Picture

EternalLucia's Mythology 101,

Definition; Gargoyle: One who has a lineage mixed with so many different types of beings, it's sometimes hard to determine the species of all of his or her ancestors. All gargoyles have at least one human ancestor and most have at least one dragon ancestor as well.

That definition explained, this is Halor. In the kingdom where he lives, the law dictates that all gargoyles must enlist in a special division of the royal armed forces, the Gargoyle Knights, who are called upon when a great supernatural threat arises in the kingdom. Such a threat requiring the Gargoyle Knights, G-Knights for short, has not arisen in nearly 200 years. Just as Halor finishes his training, however, the Dark Lord Birwine (proniunced "beer-wine") bursts forth from his prison and Halor ends up right on the front lines... A hero's luck!!
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