Welcome to Croatoa WIP Picture

Man, talk about a change! First it was a symbiote craze, now I'm in a Croatoa craze! For those of you who don't know, Croatoa is an area in the MMORPG game City of Heroes. It is a zone set in eternal autumnal equinox, in which a small college/getaway town called Salamanca is surrounded by a dark forest teeming with mystical, but dangerous beings. The four dominant factions of enemies in Croatoa are the Cabal (the witch in the top-left corner), the murderous Red Caps (the guy in the bottom-left corner), and the Tuatha de Dannan (elk monster) and Fir Bolg (pumpkin heads) of Irish mythology. Shown also are other major players/attractions of Croatoa: Sally (the Lochness Monster being at the top), the hero trainer War Witch (the girl looking over her shoulder at the top), the task-force contact Katie Hannon (the girl with the witch hat at the bottom) and the Battle at the Grim Vale (the giant Fir Bolg and fat guy with a club to the right, the Fir Bolg's name is Eochai and the fat guy is Jack in Irons). This is to go along with my new fan fiction I'm writing, "The Croatians: Tales of the Settlement of Salamanca", which is my attempt a filling in the hole in the game lore about the history of Croatoa and its inhabitants.

City of Heroes, all characters, and all names are property of Paragon Studios.
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