Scion of the Aesir Picture

Jun. 28 '07

For anyone who doesn't know, "Scion: Hero" is a fairly new tabletop RPG by White-Wolf. Despite my devotion towards console RPGs, I've never been big into tabletop games. I've had many friends try to get me into D&D in vain. And I had made a couple characters for Exalted (of which neither had ever actually been played, which was aggravating). Add a couple other failed attempts in BESM, and it's easy to see why I'm not crazy about gaming.

And yet, when my friend came to me showing off his new Scion book, I became very intrigued very fast. I'm not sure what "exactly" grabbed me, but I've been really into it. The concept is that you play as the child of a god or goddess from any of six mythological pantheons in the modern day real world.

My character, Aubrey Bonfield (that'd be the girl in the picture) is the daughter of Sif (from Norse Mythology). I just liked her so much I had to draw her. I think I made her look a little bit more badass than she actually is, but I really rather like it.

We haven't actually started playing yet. Hopefully, this won't go the route of so many other tabletop games. For once I'm really looking forward to it.
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