Heroes of Celadon- Phorcys Picture

His name comes from Greek mythology: it is the name of the father of the Gorgon sisters, Euryale, Steno and Medusa. And, for the most part, our guy Phorcys looks like a male Gorgon. Though, he is actually a Gorgon hybrid, with another race that I will not disclose, because it's one of my own making, and I don't trust people not to steal my ideas.

Anyhow, Phorcys is a pretty laid-back fellow. He likes to laugh and make jokes, but he also enjoys his quiet time, and meditation. Given his family's history of being deadly monsters of legend, he tries to avoid confrontation as best he can, but will kick all of the butts when no other option is available. Great friend. Even greater enemy.

Though, there's a detail I plan to change, in relation to his eyes. I'm actually quite ashamed I didn't think of it before.

Name: Phorcys
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