Heroes of Celadon- Sybaris Drakon Picture

This name sounds funny, but I actually got these from existing sources, namely www.theoi.com. Sybaris is the name of a Drakaena (female dragon) from mythology, and of course, Drakon, is an ancient word for 'Dragon' itself. Ain't hard to figure out what her powers are based on.

Though, I think she's done better justice than putting her into 'maiden' clothes. Not that she needs armor--she's partly dragon, including toughness--but maybe more practical regal attire?

At any rate, as one might suspect, she is rather annoyed when folks take her feminine build as a sign of weakness or vulnerability. Her vulnerability is set aside for a certain time, a certain place, and anywhere else, you will just get a big, bad beat-down. She is fierce, suffers no fools and takes no prisoners.

Name: Sybaris Drakon
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