Commission: Nidhoggr Picture

This was one of two pieces that were commissioned for two birthday pieces. The pieces were for two friends of a friend of mine.

I was to design a superhero for each of the guys based on colours they liked, superheroes they liked and anything extra.

For this character I was given red, white, Thor and Superman.
The suit design is built a little off the new superman suit, a small bit of inspiration from armour from Skyrim, your traditional 18th century bastardisation of the helmets (meaning that wings and stuff only appeared in romanticised images of helms in later centuries, or so I have been informed). The white tree crest is Yggdrasil, the hammer is the Tooth of Nidhoggr and he wears the head of a lesser serpent on his shoulder. He flies using funky electric spikes on his heels and can summon white crackling energy (which... I guess is lightning? lol). I chose a stormy grey for the cape so that it didn't draw the eye away from his bright red suit. Trimming in gold and grey because there is such thing as too much red and white.
This character is called Nidhoggr after the creature who originally owned the tooth that he uses as a hammer.

These pictures were a lot of fun to do.
I started out conceptualising them on a4 printer paper, then penciled and inked them on A3 card.
All colouring was done in photoshop CS3.

Each person received both a coloured print and the original ink.

I gave a starting quote for each piece at $50 per piece, and expected it to take about 5 hours each. It did take a little longer, but not too much and that was mostly due to fiddling a little with details.

These were terribly fun to do, I enjoy inking a lot.
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