Greek Heroes on Mother's Day Picture

I've been reading Oedipus Rex... this came out of this. I fell like I should do a father's one too.

Like in everything in Greek Mythology, some stories say different things about each hero's mother. I picked the most popular mothers. This is the first time I'm drawing most of these characters. 

First, Orpheus and Calliope. Orpheus' parentage is a weird one. Sources will say different things, but most agree that Calliope, the muse of epic poetry is his mother. Orpheus is a rockstar for obvious reasons. He's also a red head because he comes Thrace, which is a Celtic territory. I drew Calliope three years ago, I used that design to draw her now. 

Second, Perseus. I see him as a jock, a nice jock. 

Third, Herakles. He has the same colouring as Perseus since Perseus is his great-grandfather and half-brother. He's also allergic to shirts. His mother is very tired of his shit. 

Theseus! The only reason I added him is because he's my favourite Greek Hero. In all honesty, after he becomes king of Athens there's nothing said about his mother. And she's referencing the hilarious story when Theseus decided to be an idiot and help his best friend kidnap Persephone. It didn't end well. Also, hunger games shirt!

Adonis's mother is a tree. She was turned into a tree because she got pregnant by her father. Yeah... 

Jason's parentage is a tricky one. He has a lot of mothers and I'm making fun of that fact. He looks adorable with his sail boat shirt.
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