Shashi Heroes concept Picture

During several conversations with Catney over the last few weeks, we were discussing the Heroes series, and bouncing around ideas for created heroes ourselves. So, here's my own little bizarre contribution to that universe that's just ripe for roleplay madness. Just in case you can't read my horrible handwriting ^^
Shashi is likely to be found in a traveling carnival/circus of sorts, working with the animals. Hir primary power is the ability to telepathically bond with animals, which allows her to pick up on their feelings and communicate with them as easy as people do with other humans. A connected power is hir ability to shapeshift into the forms of animals shi has seen before, either in real life or in pictures, but she can't mimic mythological creatures.
Shashi kind of pays for it. Though possibly born a girl, the use of hir shapeshifting powers resulted in Shashi being left with no secondary sex characteristics like other people, making hir effectively androgynous (note that some animals do not have any visible differences between the male and female of the species at first glance, so that's why). That's why we refer to Shashi as 'shi' and 'hir'.
More will probably come when I get this page colored.
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