Windagill Valley Villager Designs 1 Picture

Oh man... when was the last time I uploaded pictures on this site, right? XD

But seriously, I apologise for taking so long with this. I don't really have any excuse, I should've worked faster. X(

But yeah, these are character designs of the residents of Windagill Valley. Tell me what you think of them!
And there's more to come!

My thoughts on each character:
Nigellus ~ Every village needs a mayor, right? And for this guy, I imagined a snobby, self-indulgent type of guy. I like his design, but I think maybe the "leprechaun" I ended up with shouldn't suit him that much.

Deon ~ I imagined a tubby guy whose wife makes great cakes, but doesn't want him to eat them when she's not looking. Hence why I gave him a nervous expression. I'm very pleased with how he turned out.

Mikey ~ I imagined a loner who likes to hit on the ladies. I like the design, and perhaps the influence from Tetsuya Nomura really shines through with this character. I think it works though, because it makes look more like a pretty boy.

Rudyard ~ I imagined an old man. With a very bad back. A hunch if possible. I had this idea that his wife is easily amused and laughs at everything, especially him since a bird has made a nest on his hunch. I'm really pleased with this one.
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