Val and Artie Real-ized Picture

Just yesterday on tumblr, I saw this pretty interesting picture that described how 'style' and 'skill' aren't the same thing.
Furthermore, you cannot achieve a 'style' without 'skill'. Having a 'style' doesn't show how good of an artist you are.

And while I do agree with this statement, it got me thinking about my own skill.

So, to test myself, I doodled Artie and Val in a different style ~ more realistic.
Don't let the cartoon doodles of Val and Atie's disgust throw you off, I'm actually quite proud of the work I've done here. ^-^

Though this is just a doodle. Not really a finished picture. So I may put it in my scrapbook on DeviantArt later.

Will I do more of these in the future? Yeah, probably. Maybe as a test here and there.

(By the way, if you're wondering about Val's ears, yes I have re-designed them again. I'll explain further in my next drawing.)

Val and Artie © *The-Quill-Warrior
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