Ostgard (Preview) Picture

A preview of one of my latest drawings from my latest sketchbook.

This character is the current, reimagined version of an homonymous character from some stories I used to draw and write ten years ago (I was 10-11). While on his evil side he was called Ostgard, but while on a good mood, he was Ocelotl (jaguar in nahuatl), and he was the father of Guate, the series' protagonist (by now you can see how much elements of aztec culture have been part of my stories even back then). He has been missing for some years after he defeated Topa Inca Yupanqui, the incarnation of the spirit of Darkness, because at the cost of that victory he has been cursed to become a follower of darkness himself. So it was up to his son years later to save him from the curse. But freeing him from the curse wasn't enough - his father, Vellag (who's by the way Guate's grandfather), a Xibalban (Xibalba is the underworld in the Maya K'iché language and cosmology), has experienced darkness for far too long and still took matters into his own hands, by joining the Moche (who were the story's main villains) - just to strike their power from inside, in a move unnoticed even by his grandson or by Topa.

-- You'll see Vellag as soon as I get this scanned!! (this is a preview, afterall) and yes, both the name and design of Ostgard & Vellag alike borrow a lot from the Norvagen faction of Mega Bloks' Dragons: Krystal Wars building toys line from 2003 (guess some people remember it).

> I think this would make a great tattoo!

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