Nimue alone Picture

Without my brother near me, I hardly dare to shut my eyes. It’s in this great darkness of the forest that I imagine I can hear the storm and the tidal wave once again. And there are so many other sounds here, things I’ve never heard before. The rustling of insects, the distant hoot of an owl…We don’t have owls near the coast. I can’t decide if it’s beautiful or eerie. Light –I need light to protect myself against this vast darkness, even if it’s just the tiny flame from the lighter. A campfire isn’t an option. They’d find me immediately, and anyway, everything around me is still soaking wet from the last rain. I fumble with the lighter, give it a flick with my thumb and revel in the little bit of heat that it gives off. It’s not much – not enough to get warm and not nearly enough to make me feel safe, but at least it’s something to hold on to. This night will pass eventually, I tell myself, huddled beneath the dripping shelter.

And until then, at least the darkness will hide me from those hunters.


Scene from my novel in progress
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