A Witch in Corinth Picture

Yay! More Medea. Okay, so these are a few outfits for after her time with the Argonauts when she has settled down with Jason and is living a somewhat more civilian lifestyle, though it is kinda hard to leave the whole powerful witch thing. At this point in the story, Medea can hardly believe how ordinary her life has now become (for her at least). She keeps expecting something to happen that pulls her out of this strangely contented state of domestic life. And while people may still fear her for being a witch, they're not about to question her healing expertise, so she's also become rather useful even while not adventuring. The first outfit is mainly just her new city life, wealthy and at least somewhat respected. The second is when Medea discovers she is pregnant and practically has her world turned upside down and she does not believe for a second that she would be a good mother and worries about what will happen should her child possess magic like her. And the third is shortly after she gives birth and has looked upon her newborn son, finally starting to think that maybe she can raise a child without screwing it up. I wanted to make her look softer and more vulnerable in this one, no cosmetics and a far simpler gown. It's almost as if she isn't even the same person to be perfectly honest. It really is one of the first times she truly feels optimistic and peaceful. So yeah, it's a big moment for her in my story...which will make a certain defining moment in the actual myth much more fun to write.

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