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Hideo's fraternal twin and second oldest of the Shirosaki brothers.
Serious, pragmatic, and a work-a-holic, most people who aren't familiar with the Shirosaki family often mistake Noritaka as the oldest. He gets annoyed fairly easily and doesn't like it when people interfere with his methods of efficiency (the guilty party almost always being Hideo). This irritable personality is illustrated by his fire based elemental abilities, which includes fire breathing (he even puffs smoke or licks of fire from his mouth when he's seriously vexed).
Noritaka's need to remain on top of things and have all his affairs in order has him pegged as a "Beancounter" and "annoying mother hen" by almost everyone he knows.
He works as the head curator for a museum in Kyoto and is sometimes asked by Dolph and Raoula Darkholm (Ward's parents) to help evaluate the worth of antiques they collect for their store. He is married to Kaminari's younger twin sister Noriko and has several adult children that are just a few years older than Shay and Kenshiko, and also a few young grand kids.

The youngest of the Shirosaki brothers, Mineo used to be a professional sumo wrestler. He retired soon after achieving yokozuna* status in his career and now spends most of his days at the Shirosaki household. When he isn't babysitting his grandchildren with his wife, he can usually be found sipping tea with his mother (Torako) while watching his father (Noriyuki) and Dolph play board games such as Go, Shogi, or Chinese checkers and will sometime participate in the game when either player wants to watch for a while.
He is generally good-natured and even makes jokes about his girth, which he isn't the least bit self-conscious about. He has been known, however, to become frighteningly angry when someone flat out insults him for his weight. Mineo isn't one to remain angry for long and will soon return to his calm, pleasant self when the moment of rage passes.
He possesses earth based elemental abilities.

Noritaka's fraternal twin and the oldest of the Shirosaki brothers. Out of all his siblings, Hideo has the fiercest looking appearance. This combined with his strong, masculine build and devil may care approach to challenges has made him a very famous action hero in the japanese film industry (think of him as a sort of Asian Ron Perlman, Sylvester Stallone, or Schwarzenegger). Although he isn't as involved with his movie career as he was in his younger days, he's still immensely popular and sometimes gets hounded by fans.
When he doesn't have movie roles to prepare for or celebrity appearances to make, Hideo spends most of his time training his son Kenshiko, usually with the help of his wife Kaminari, who makes sure that the two don't get too carried away and drag their sparring out of the family dojo, thus unintentionally reeking havoc throughout the family grounds. Such mishaps have happened before when she wasn't there to supervise, and whenever they do both father and son are left to face Kaminari's wrath.
Like his brother Noritaka, Hideo possesses fire elemental abilities, which he will then amplify with his dual ability to control wind, the primary ability of the Kazehana clan.

*Yokozuna-the highest rank of professional sumo wrestlers. Literally translates "wide rope"

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