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I will say right off the bat, I did not draw this. I hired a very talented artist to draw them for me. This is my primary team in my Fanfic, The Chronicles of ZFRR. A link to it can be found here:…
The bio section of each Character may contain spoilers to the fanfic.

Name: Zaffre Wellen (Zaffre is a shade of blue, Wellen is German for waves)
Color Designation:

Clothing/Armor: His tunic is imbued with dust to weaken, bend, or even shatter blades that pierce it. The gauntlets are blade and bulletproof. They also have magnetized fingertips to allow him to get a good grip on blades. Though it is not shown, he also has a vial of dust around his neck.

Weapon(s): Hakai and Kōhai

Semblance: Strength – Zaffre can increase his strength up to a maximum possible lifting strength of 100 tons. He rarely goes this high, as it depletes his aura very quickly. Increased use of his semblance also makes him very hungry and if he is too hungry his semblance will fail, It can also be cut out by tickling or other means of laughter. (Have you ever noticed how your strength leaves you when you laugh?) His semblance often will kick in automatically when he needs to exert strength, but he can force it off when need be. His increased strength also allows for improved balance and slight increase in damage resistance.

Aura: Zaffre has an exceptionally strong aura, and is completely unaware of it. His aura use is all subconscious. He believes himself to have a weak aura, as he initially can’t consciously use it and others can’t unlock it (it’s already unlocked). His teammates also believe it to be really weak.

Bio: Zaffre is from a suburban area in Ithalese City in Mistral. He spends much of his time in the city, but always enjoys spending time out in nature. He grew up with Rusty, and the two are inseparable. He is a kind-hearted person, but also very much a teenager. He is incredibly extroverted and loves to go out and have fun with friends.

Zaffre is the leader of team ZFRR. He is not entirely confident in his leadership abilities, but does his best. He is a strong physical fighter with his weapons, but not all that good without them. He spends most of his free time hanging with Rusty, and while he loves their antics, he tends to step back and let Rusty be the center of attention.

Zaffre is very much an extrovert. While he’s not generally the class clown or center of attention, he does love being around people. He’s a bit socially awkward and so loves it when others make the first move. He is whole-heartedly grateful for his friendship with Rusty, as it has opened up so many doors for him.

Zaffre loves sword combat. He has studied it for the better part of his life, and taken to it like a natural. He started making his own swords when he was 8. His parents used to say he could rival the blades of even the best weapons companies. Unfortunately, he can’t make guns or non-bladed weapons all that well. His swords though, are truly some of if not the strongest blades ever made. His parents, being high-end middle class, purchased his favorite forge when the previous owner decided to close-up shop. Zaffre makes full use of the forge, though does very little in the way of selling his blades. He is a sword champion, and has won many competitions, none of which were large enough to make him very well known though. His dream is to one day wield one of the four Sacred Swords (Non-canon weapons that exist in my fanfic).

Zaffre has an affinity for magnetism. He loves the way it can move objects. Playing with magnets always excites him, because he longs to be telekinetic, and magnets is as close as he can get. He was very disappointed to learn his Semblance was not polarity or telekinesis.

Fighting style: Zaffre is strictly a physical close-range fighter. His weapons are incredibly difficult to beat; however if he loses them, his skill goes down drastically. He himself has little defense against the elements, but his blades and gauntlets are well suited to protect him. His torso is almost completely immune to blades, but the rest of him is not. He fights primarily close range, but has the capability to take down enemies from a distance too. He has the hardest time against speed-based elemental/mage opponents.


“You want to fight me? That’s cute.”

“Every friend of mine you hurt is a limb you ain’t gonna keep.”

“Oh shit, what is Rusty up to?”

“I don’t want to hurt you. Thankfully, I’m used to not getting what I want.”

“What’s that? I think I see your dignity running away. Come back Dignity! Nope, sorry, it’s gone.”

Theme: Hero by Skillet

Rusty Cooper (Close to rusty copper)

Gender: Male
Color Designation:

Weapon(s): Metal Mischief

Semblance: Gravity – He can alter the gravitational attraction between any 2 masses to be as great as double the planet's gravity or down to a fraction of the existing gravity. If he is in an enclosed room he can create an equal gravitational attraction to the ceiling as to the floor to simulate zero-gravity. However this requires constant adjustment as he floats around. Too much gravity manipulation will result in him feeling queasy and possibly throwing up. One of his favorite tricks is to increase the gravity of your foot while you're running, causing you to trip.

Bio: Rusty is from a suburban area in Ithalese City in Mistral. He in general prefers the city, but has been known to have fun in more rural areas. He grew up with Zaffre, and the two are inseparable. He is a good person, but also incredibly egotistical and cocky. This has led to him getting his butt kicked on plenty of occasions.

Rusty is a monkey Faunus. He got it from his mother’s side of the family, though you would never notice as his mother is a Panther Faunus. Rusty's family is a mix of so many different types of Faunus, they never know what their offspring will be. Rusty is very proud of being what he is, and no one can ever make him feel bad about it. Those who try generally end up at the receiving end of one of his pranks. He got suspended once for flinging his own poop at a kid who said he belonged in a zoo.

Rusty is a huge flirt. He will hit on almost any female of appropriate age. He’s also not always great at taking “no” for an answer. On average, he does tend to have some good success, but he also fails a great many times. But it never gets him down, he just moves on to the next girl. Because he likes women so much, he’s also very protective of them. Threaten a woman, particularly one close to him or one he’s hitting on, and you will unleash him in full-battle mode. In this state, he is quite the deadly enemy.

Rusty is an idiot. While not being of completely low I.Q., he is known for being easily distracted and falling for tricks.

Rusty loves explosions. definitely way too much. He makes his own grenades for his weapon and spends a fair amount of his free time making explosives such as fireworks. As a result, he has blown himself up so many times people wonder how he's still alive.

Fighting style: Rusty is mainly a physical fighter. He tends to hold back on using his semblance, in order to keep in as a surprise. He is very skilled with his weapon, even using it to fly short linear distances occasionally. He fights well at any distance. Rusty is a very strong fighter, but tends to not perform at his best due to cockiness and ego. He greatest weakness is elemental-based attacks. Particularly ice and electricity. Rusty’s biggest attribute though, is his refusal to stay down. He has injured himself so many times, it makes it extremely difficult to wound him enough to take him out of the fight. Most of his sparring matches he loses to more focused huntsmen. But if he is made to fight at his optimal level (which is very very rare), there are few of his classmates capable of beating him.


“If I had a dollar for every time I’d seen a girl as pretty as you, I wouldn’t be able to afford to take you out tonight.”

“Excuse me, but do you have some ice? I accidentally stood too close to you.”

“You have my complete attention! Now please repeat everything you just said.”

“I don’t think you fully understand the gravity of the situation.”

“I thought I was intimidated for a moment, then I realized it was just gas”

Theme: Axel F

Name: Franky Ginseng (gin-sang) (Franky short for frankincense which is a type of calming incense. Ginseng is a plant and a herb extract from a plant.)
Color Designation:
Weapon(s): génni̱si̱ (yen-see) (Greek for birth). It's a wooden staff that can shoot various gases out of either end. The staff is infused with wind dust though it's not regularly used. He also carries throwable gas pellets. On his wrists he wears golden gauntlets that fire knockout darts. The gases he uses have various effects. Some include: paralysis, hallucination, drowsiness, insanity, disorientation, temporary memory loss, temporary blindness or loss of other senses, and illness. He also has a few lethal ones for grims, and also a fair number of healing ones. As a woodsman, he is known for being prepared, and so will also carry rope, a small hatchet, his instrument, some healing supplies, and other useful things.

Semblance: Speed – Similar to Canon Ruby's semblance, though his trail is green leaves rather than rose pedals.

Bio: Franky is a quiet person. He isn’t one to yell or scold. He tends not to speak up or challenge aggressively. A fact that has actually played against him many times with his team. He is from a small village called Oan in the forests of Mistral. It is a very simple village where people work with and support one another. In this village, the people are very peaceful and forgiving. As such, Franky himself is too. He believes everyone is equal, and welcomes new ideas and ways of thinking. He and his village recognize that good ideas and progress for the future can come from anywhere. Franky has often traveled to other villages and even the city in order to learn new things and train. He mostly does not hold on to the mistakes in his past, and does what he can to never regret his decisions. He is very peaceful, but he also knows that a show of force can be the best way to teach a lesson to a stubborn mind.

Franky has a tattoo of twin stripes on either side of his face. This is a coming of age ritual in Oan, where young children will choose a tattoo and location. Art in all it's forms is considered a beautiful thing, and this is their way of marking themselves as a beautiful piece of the art of life.

Franky is an introvert, but always welcomes company. If he needs alone time, he simply meditates and retreats into his mind. He is generally a very well liked person, particularly with the ladies. He has rarely dated however, believing that it should be reserved for potential life partners only. While many like Franky, some have a negative first impression of him. He likes to study things. If a person has a unique ability, talent, skill, or attribute, he wants to learn more about it. This has set many folks, particularly Faunus, a bit irritable, under the impression that he only speaks to them to study them like lab rats. However, Franky will not intrude on them, and always keeps his primary reason for being around them their personality. Once people realize this, they tend to enjoy his company.

Franky has always been the type who doesn’t like hurting people. He valued all life, so when he decided to become a hunter, he wanted to do it in the least deadly way possible. So he decided to focus his fighting around simple inhibitor toxins, with a few deadly ones for Grimm alone. However, this led to him being too cocky. He didn’t think he would cause any real damage. Until one day, in a training match in the city, he accidentally shot a dart into his opponent’s eye, blinding him. It was devastating for Franky, and taught him a valuable lesson. After that, he trained hard to gain complete control over his arsenal. He is the strongest hand-to-hand fighter on team ZFRR, and one of the strongest in the region (though he has never competed in any competitions).

Despite Franky not wanting to hurt anyone, he still recognizes the need for combat skills to battle Grimm and evildoers. So he is constantly changing his toxins, making them more effective, even on himself. He has gained a slight immunity to most of them, but always evolves them so that he’s not. Because if he is, others could be too. He knows little about weapon making, but still designed and built his staff himself. Many people are unsure as to how.

In Franky’s village, the people felt inspired by the original White Fang. As such, they formed their own mini version, the Silent Siren. This group is led by Orpheus Galinios. Rumor says a Grimm that was attacking the town came face-to-face with him, stopped fighting, and simply walked away because of the sheer amount of peace, love, and forgiveness in him. Orpheus is also Franky's mentor.

Franky greatly enjoys learning new things. He travels often to islands and cities to see what they have to offer. He is a skilled linguist, and very knowledgeable about various cultures. He is one of the top students at Storm as far as knowledge goes. Franky’s skills include playing the ocarina, drawing/painting, whistling, woodworking, hunting, playing acostic guitar, and cooking. In most cases he is very open with what he does, happily sharing it. Though he is very protective of his staff.

Fighting style: Franky is a physical fighter. He has done little with elemental attacks, but is very good at combating them. His arsenal has a wide variety, and he trains himself against every fighting style he can. He is a close to moderate range fighter. His biggest disadvantage is enemies with immunities to his gases and darts. However given time to study them, he usually manages to work around that. He is an expert martial artist and one of the top fighters of his generation. He has mage abilities, but they are quite weak compared to full mages such as his sister.


“You can’t make me hate you, but you can make me beat you.”

“If you’re looking for a fight, best look elsewhere.”

“I have complete faith in you, you should too.”

“My friends are the foundation of a mighty structure. Hurt them and you will feel that structure topple down on you.”

“I don’t like hurting people, so I’ll make this quick.”

Name: Ryku Shirogane (re-coo, sheer-oh-gone-eh) (Means "Land of white metal")
Color Designation:
Medium length, straight, black hair. He has black tiger strips on his cheeks, biceps, and sides. He also has a scar across the left side of his mouth. His eyes are green. His skin is incredibly pale, and seems to almost glow in moonlight (No this is not a reference to any monster mythology. It is merely something I though would be cool to add).

Clothing/Armor: His outfit is made from sturdy materials, making it resistant to the elements and minor to moderate weapon damage. His entire outfit is infused with dust to allow for chameleon-like properties.

Weapon(s): Black Blood

Semblance: Digital ReadCauses his mind to work like a computer.

Some examples of uses: Exemplary tracking. Prediction. Picking out small details from the five senses. Immunity to emotion-based semblances. Operating without any emotional hindrance at all. Translate languages and code with little context. Make mental calculations much faster than any normal brain can. High level hacking of digital devices. Detect, intercept, and locate the origin of transmissions.

Drawbacks: While it may allow the translation languages and code, it does not allow the user to use (speak and type) said languages and code.
To hack anything, you first must interface with it. Because a brain is not actually a computer, interfacing with one is hard and gives you a massive headache. Ryku’s been using his semblance for years and yet still if he interfaces with a computer he gets a headache, nosebleed, and often passes out afterward.
This semblance is based around logic. Unpredictable and illogical things can cause it to crash. If it crashes, the user is left with a heavy headache and will be unable to use the semblance again for several hours. As an example, Rusty once made it crash by using attacks that couldn’t hit, then inflicting self-harm.
Your senses will function as computer inputs, but your body does not function as a computer output. For example, the semblance will show you how to aim, but it will not help your arms aim.
Side effects: When this semblance is in use, the user will not feel emotions or things like arousal.
The things you calculate and predict will appear on your vision as if you had a display H.U.D. The same thing goes for expected trajectories and such.

Other uses: Locating invisible or camouflaged people by small details such as depressions in the ground or slight wind disturbances from movement. Granted this can still lead to a false assumption, and you have to actually see these details.
Tracking patterns in movement.
Calculating ricochet shots that seem impossible. Granted this is very hard to do, as most surfaces are not perfectly smooth.

Additional notes: Memory and data storage. When this semblance is active, the user can choose to store new information like normal (remembering), or like a computer. If you store it like a computer, you can hold what feels like limitless info. The info will be encoded perfectly into your brain and will not be at all lost or warped. But the moment the semblance turns off, all computer data is wiped from your mind. And you can’t keep the semblance on forever. For instance, if you fall asleep or are knocked out it is turned off.


Bio: Everyone in his family is a white tiger Faunus. This is one of the most rare Faunus in existence. His parents were, at one point, very active members of the White Fang. As rare Faunus, they inspired many. His mother was also a powerful huntress. However, things turned bad shortly after the change in leadership of the White Fang. After a couple months under the new leader, Ryku's mother (Hikare) called for a gathering of the highest members of the White Fang. She tried to persuade them why what they were now doing was wrong and needed to stop. It seemed as though the White Fang was ready to agree with her, but they were interrupted by an attack from the angry companies the White Fang had lashed out against. A massive fight broke out. In it, Hikare was badly injured, and lost her ability to use her aura and semblance. She and her family retreated into hiding after that, letting the world believe they had perished in the fight. Hikare was very weak, and could no longer take care of herself. Her husband/Ryku's father (Hirudora) now takes full care of her. They live a simple life in Atlas. The cold climate gives them an excuse to cover up, so no one knows what they are.

Ryku’s father taught him that while many are awed and inspired by rare Faunus such as them, many others would like to see them dead. Ryku decided to follow in his parents’ decision, and hide his true self from the world. He chose to risk being discovered for the sake of becoming a huntsman however, as he wished to make sure what happened to his family would never happen to any others

Ryku’s father remains a member of the White Fang, but an inactive one. He retains his membership solely for the support of his friends and contacts who are still in it. However, should anything happen to his wife, he could easily go over the edge.

Ryku is a quiet person who mostly keeps to himself. He doesn’t form emotional attachments to others, whether positive or negative. He would rather remain on his own as he doesn't think people can be trusted with any knowledge about him.

Ryku will never admit it, but his ultimate driving factor is to see others happy. His family suffered tremendously, and he hopes others won’t have to suffer similarly. He doesn’t believe world peace is possible, or universal happiness, but he wants to get as close as he can.

The first person outside his family Ryku really bonded with was Baltazar. Baltazar figured out what Ryku was, but didn’t make a big deal out of it one way or the other. He never even confronted Ryku. When Ryku realized this, he saw the potential for someone he might be able to trust. But Ryku's true first steps forward come when he meets a girl named Genie (Cheesy? Probably. Do I care? Nope!

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