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FULL HUMAN NAME: Louie Liguest Chouteau IX
MEANING: Louie is how some people pronounce Louis, leaving out the ‘S’. Liguest and Chouteau are the two men that claimed land for the city. IX stands for Louis IX of France, in which the city was named after.
NICKNAME: Saint Louis, Louis
MEANING: Saint Louis is her full name, which she hates being called unless someone really looks up to her or first meets her. Louis is just annoying and makes her actually seem like a guy. She isn’t called either of these very often.
ACTUAL AGE: 249, the original St. Louis trading post was created in 1764
APPARENT AGE: Older teens, no age exactly.
RESIDENCE: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
BIRTHDAY: July 21/22, Louie’s actual birthdate is unknown, people just know it was either the 21st or the 22nd. (( I couldn’t find anything about what day St. Louis was created, so I used a Hetalia b-day scenario game, so she either rules the world with America or England.))
SPECIES: Human, city
GENDER: Female, although sometimes mistaken for a guy.
RELIGION: Louie doesn’t follow any religion herself due to the fact that she had various religions in her city.
ALLERGIES: Allergic to stupidity
SEXUAL PREFERANCE: Perfectly straight, although seems gay to people who think she’s a guy.
OCCUPATION: Everything her city provides, primarily cave tour guide or chariot driver.
WAY OF SPEAKING: Depends what mood she’s in, but she does sometimes tend to drop ‘G’s off of ‘ing’. So she sounds like she’s saying ‘Runnin’ ‘Mornin’.

- - - - - APPEARANCE:: - - - - -

Brown-auburn, although has a gold tint in the winter and a red tint in the summer.
HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Bangs that sometimes fall in front of her eyes. Her hair falls slightly messily over her shoulders down to below her shoulder blades.
EYESIGHT: Fine enough not to need glasses.
HEIGHT: 169 cm ((5’5”))
WEIGHT: 130 lbs
OUTFIT//CLOTHING STYLE: Simple loose-fitting T-shirt that is a little over-sized beneath a red, often zipped, jacket. She wears jeans and sneakers the majority of the time.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS (SCARS, MOLES, ETC.): Her hair curls in at her cheeks a little, but never a full curl. She also has '1849' burned into her skin on the right-front side from the Great Fire of 1849.
SELF CARE (MAKE-UP): Louie: “Can I chuck it across the room?”
SKIN COLOUR: Generally pale, but she is tanned on parts of her body that are frequently exposed to the sun. ((forearms, legs, face))
BODY TYPE//BUILD: A bit on the thin side, even though she eats a lot.
DEFAULT EXPRESSION: A small smile and curious yet knowing eyes.
POSTURE: She often shoves her hands in her jacket pockets and stands straight, without her jacket she’ll cross her arms and lean on one leg a little.
MEASUREMENTS: No need to measure her chest, it’s not completely flat but no one can tell because of her baggy clothing.
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Baseball bat, necro spells((not very often, still a novice)), limestone rocks if nothing else is available.

- - - - - PERSONALITY:: - - - - -

Nice and easy to get along with most of the time, loves to talk to people, just not in a large group.
NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Will automatically hate someone if there is a bad first impression, mood swings a little.
FAVOURITE COLOUR: Red, white, blue, yellow
FAVOURITE FOOD: Louie: “Can root beer count? It’s a beverage...”
FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Cardinal, but loves all animals overall.
FAVOURITE INSTRUMENT: Piano to play, anything to listen to.
HOBBIES: Exploring caves, playing video games, riding horses, sitting on top of the Arch or Eads Bridge, attending baseball games, chatting with Papa France via Skype
DRINK//SMOKE//DRUGS: She’ll drink once in a while, not very often and she’d rather not smoke or do drugs, even though her state does have a problem with meth...
DARK VERSION OF THEM: Just mention any sort of deaths((Lemp, The Exorcist)) or that her baseball team is terrible...
LIGHT VERSION OF THEM: Pretty much whenever she’s happy enough to be smiling and wanting to ride roller coasters or do anything outside.
HOW SERIOUS THEY ARE: Sometimes so serious she tells America to shut up so she can think, but the rest of the time she’s pretty laid-back thanks to all her time with Papa France and Spain.
(IN)DEPENDENT: She’s a city...
SOFT SPOT//VULNERABILITY: Her sides are very ticklish.
OPINION ON SWEARING: Only when she’s really pissed or if she’s losing sorely in a video game.
MUSIC TYPE: Too diverse to name specifics.
MOVIE TYPE: Action, horror, adventure, very little romance
BOOK TYPE: She likes the Sherlock Holmes books, but overall she likes many books. Louie: “Comic books are awesome.”
GAME TYPE: Baseball(primarily watch), bike, horseback, any video game system.
CLEANLINESS//NEATNESS: She keeps her room clean to be organized.
BIGGEST SECRET(S): Who she likes. (Secretses, secretses shall be kept keepsises.)
HERO//WHO THEY LOOK UP TO: Of course, Mister America and Papa France
FEARS: Being left behind, being alone in a dark room after watching a scary movie no matter how much she tries to toughen it out
COMFORTS: Eating, hanging out with America or England
DONE ANYTHING TO GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW: It’s not Louie herself, but she does have trouble with the citizens sometimes.

- - - - - HOW DO THEY ACT WHEN THEY ARE:: - - - - -

She’ll hide it if she’s in a group but will let it seep through when she’s playing video games or thinks no one is looking.
HAPPY?: She just smiles and is a lot more social, mainly if she’s with friends.
ANGRY?: If she’s really pissed, she’ll get her baseball bat. When she has it, run.
AFRAID?: She won’t try to show it but if it’s a jumpscare, she’ll jump and swear under her breath or say something random really loudly. If it’s a thriller or her imagination is getting to her, she’ll play with her hair or go to the safety of her room or the corner of the couch.
LOVE SOMEONE?: Won’t show it.
HATE SOMEONE?: Bluntly ignore the person as much as possible and insult them if they are rude to her.
WANT SOMETHING?: She will pester America or France until she gets it.
CONFUSED?: Have a blank stare if she wants someone else to explain but normally will furrow her brow and chew on her lip to figure it out herself.

- - - - - HOW DO THEY REACT TO:: - - - - -

Depending on the danger and who she’s with, she’ll primarily try to defend with her baseball bat, or run away if she doesn’t have it.
SOMEONE THEY HATE WHO HAS A CRUSH ON THEM?: It will never get to that. If she hates them, she’ll make it noticeable before they could crush on her.
A PROPOSAL FOR MARRIAGE?: Won’t be able to reply and might even run away to hide her burning face.
THE DEATH OF LOVED ONE?: Shut herself away in her room for a long time and will only end up crying if someone else close to her tries to console her.
A DIFFICULT GAME//MATH//ETC.?: Her brow will dip and she’ll start to mutter under her breath. If it’s a video game, she freaks America out.
INJURY?: If it’s a simple injury, she will just go tend to it. If it’s one that hurts her, she’ll swear under her breath. She only cries and becomes useless if the pain is too much to bear.
SOMETHING IRRESISTABLY CUTE?: She’ll point it out and if it’s an animal she can pet, she’ll ask.
LOSS OF HOURS OF WORK?: Louie: “Since when would that happen? It’s America that I have to keep on track while I do my own whatnot.”

- - - - - EDUCATION:: - - - - -

Fluent English. She used to fluently speak French, but over the years she’s forgotten most of it. Also knows some Spanish.
SCHOOLING LEVEL: Smarter than America sometimes, but not as smart or clever as England.
FAVOURITE SUBJECT: Louie: “... I have to chose? Fine, history when we’re learning about geography.”
EXPERTISE: Louie: “Baseball.” (No, Louie.... Never mind. :T)
NATIVE LANGUAGE: French or English?
READING LEVEL: Give her an old version of the Bible and she can read it then explain it to a 4-year-old.
CHEMISTRY: Barely above average
MATH: Above average
GEOGRAPHY: Super-excellent (she loves maps)
POLITICS//LAW: She can understand it, but doesn’t care too much.
COOKING: A little below average.
SEWING: Can mend, not create something.
MECHANICS: Just a step below excellent.
BOTANY (FLOWERS): She’d have a personal garden if she wanted one.
MYTHOLOGY: Surpassing excellent
DRAMATICS (ACTING, SINGING): Louie: “I’m okay, but I hate it.”
IMPULSIVE VS. STRATEGIC: It comes in phases.
HOW GOOD ARE THEY AT PLANNING AHEAD?: Decent, sometimes she just figures things out as she goes along.

- - - - - RELATIONSHIPS:: - - - - -

FATHER: Papa France, although not by blood.
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG?: Very well, even now that she’s all grown up.
SIBLINGS: She doesn’t know.
CHILDREN: Louie: “F*** NO!”
OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS: Anyone in the U.S. although no one is related by blood.
CURRENT LOVER: Louie: “Crush...?”

- - - - - ROMANCE:: - - - - -

No, she hides it.
HOW DO THEY ACT? (SHY, ETC.): Doesn’t want anyone to know, so she tries to act how she normally does.
GENTLEMAN//LADYLIKE VS. KLUTZY: She’s not a lady and she’s not a klutz.
GO SLOW VS. JUMP INTO: Go slow, for sure. She likes to get to know the person.
TRUE LOVE VS. TESTING DIFFERENT PEOPLE: She’d prefer true love, but she’s a bit stuck...
PROTECTIVE: She doesn’t get jealous, but if she was dating someone she’d prefer that they try to be with her. She will fight anyone that harms her date.
ACT LIKE FRIENDS OR LOVERS: Friends at first, gradually build up to lovers.
WHAT KIND OF PRESENTS DO THEY BUY?: Something they’d like, or just make them something nice to eat or actually make a garden for them. (Louie: "I'd like chocolate or cuddling in return.")
TYPE OF KISSER: Gentle when acting like friends, she’s not sure about anything after that.
DO THEY WANT TO MARRY?: No, just a cute relationship.
MAKE GOOD OR BAD DECISIONS?: Good. She doesn’t want her life crashing down around her.
ARE THEY ROMANTIC?: Romantic thoughts, but is too shy to do anything.
HOW ARE THEY IN BED?: Never been and wouldn’t want to be for a long time.
GET JEALOUS EASY?: On the inside, but won’t let it ruin the relationship.
ARE THEY A WIFE//HUBBY BEATER?: No. She’s not even in a relationship at the moment....
WHAT WOULD HAPPEN ON THEIR DREAM DATE?: Go to a movie, dinner, and play video games/watch another movie at home.
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