Thunder Slayer Update Picture

Aaaaand next up on the TWverse update train is a classic, Thunder Slayer. 

Never been too happy with either of my previous takes on TS. The first one was just way too busy looking, and the second, while an improvement, didn't really look like the idea of what TS is supposed to be: a woman given the power of Thunder Woman, but choosing to use it for selfish/evil purposes. So as I went to totally redesign her, I asked myself what an evil version of Thunder Woman, but not exactly TW herself, would look like. Inferno Woman represented one idea of how that could turn out, but she had a very distinct aesthetic. With TS, the idea was to take Thunder Woman's outfit and design, and then just modify aspects of it, instead of changing up the color scheme and theme from lightning to fire. 

So with TS here, I did exactly that: taking element's of TW's outfit and just making them, well, more 'villainy.' The result is what you see before you.

There's a possible second outfit, for when Thunder Slayer was working for Miranda Iyrn as "Thunder Woman," but I have not yet thought of what that costume would look like. Give me time, and I'll think of something.
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