Bring That Key Here Picture

I got the idea for this in my head after watching the Nostalgia Critic's top 11 list of Disney Villain songs. I decided I wanted to see my character, The Fenris Project, as a disney villain. It evolved more into an actual Fenris type character in my head, but I love him nonetheless. A story grew around it too. I imagine him smiling at a down-on-his-luck boy, trying to convince him to unlock his chains.

How can you not trust that smile?

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Nordic myth, Fenris is a wolf so powerful that it took a special material to bind him, and that when he inevitabley breaks it Ragnarok (Nordic Doomsday) will ensue.

I am glad I decided to try this, it was fun trying to do the Disney style. Whether I nailed it or not I think I nailed his personality.
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