The Outstanding Jackrabbit Picture

Jacqueline “Jacky” Harper was a normal teenager girl, captain of the cheer team, honor student, and going out pretty much every Friday night, until the accident that threw her life in a different direction. On their way to a big game south of their home of Seattle, the cheer team’s bus was violently knocked off the road into a neighboring forest area resulting in the deaths of every passenger aside from the vitally wounded Miss Harper. Before she could pass away, a miracle occurred when an urban legend turned out to be true. A mythological savior known as “The White Rabbit” (because he looks like an anthropomorphic white rabbit), came across the young woman as he was making his rounds through the woods that day. The White Rabbit was a nature spirit in place to protect the prosperity of all life, but the only way he could protect this lass was to give up who he was. Not yet knowing of her new fate and abilities, Jacky awoke and hitchhiked her way home. Now, any time lives are in trouble, Jacky must protect them as she becomes “The Outstanding Jackrabbit”... whether she wants to or not.

Real Name: Jacqueline Harper

Aliases: Jacky; the Jackrabbit;Cocoa; Fuzzball; Rodent.

Species: Human sometimes, Usagi/Nature Spirit others

Height: 5’9” (from heel to crown in both forms)

Weight: 148 lbs.

Age: 15

DoB: March 28 (unknown year)

Occupation: High School Student; Cheer Captain; Earth Guardian; Vigilante Super Hero

Interests: Gymnastics; Soccer; Track and Field; Cheerleading; Mystery novels; Dating; Boys; Beef, especially steaks (can no longer consume after changes); Shoes (hahahahahahaha); Biology

Dislikes: People without enthusiasm; Being lazy or sedentary; Vegetables (well, not anymore); Furries (hahahaha); Machismo; Japanese culture;

Powers/Abilities -

Spirit of the Usagi - The Spirit of the Usagi is the blessing/curse that Jacky has been left with and whenever life is threatened within her proximity it causes her to change from her normal human self into an anthropomorphic jackrabbit. It is the root of her powers and while she if forced to change at first and can’t return to normal until the threat is taken care of, she does eventually gain control of the spirit and can change back and forth at will. She only has access to her abilities in rabbit form aside from passively healing and tongues.

Super Speed - The power that kept the White Rabbit an urban legend for so long and the one that the Jackrabbit becomes known for is super speed. This quickster can clock in speed high than than antiaircraft ballistics while being able to turn on a dime or come to a complete stop. The media gives her the title of “fastest girl alive” and whether that is true or not isn’t sure, she can move so fast that high-speed cameras that capture over a quarter million frames per have trouble catching her if she doesn’t let them.

Super Agility/Reflexes - Before becoming the Jackrabbit, Miss Harper was the head cheerleader of her high school, a gymnast, and a general athlete, giving her good muscle memory and acrobatic skill. After her transformation these abilities were increased with her overall speed. Like a rabbit kick frantically into the face of its predator, Jacky’s limbs can move as quickly in close quarters as it can for crossing long distances with the proportionate accuracy of a gymnast moving that fast. Luckily she doesn’t have to consciously think about every little movement or her positioning since instincts kick in from the Spirit of the Usagi so that she doesn’t accidentally step off ledges, land wrong, miss a jump, or anything involving her environment that would prevent her from doing her job. Not to say that her reflexes are perfect. Being mostly instinct based has a flaw in itself since instincts can be baited or tricked by playing into them.

Super Durability - Being able at keep at such high speeds without retaining injury or even, you know… falling apart, comes with great durability. Civilian grade ammo fired from the average gun won’t pierce her flesh (though the impact may still be bothersome) and the higher her momentum the more force she can withstand. Fittingly, if you want to kill a rabbit, you need to stop it from moving. She is also completely protected by both magical and spiritual threats in any form thanks to the Spirit of the Usagi, but she still reacts to physical and existential forces like anyone else.

Super Endurance and Sustainability - While the Spirit of the Usagi keeps Jacky from fatiguing ever and allows her body to regenerate quickly even when human,she still requires normal amounts of sleep to maintain a functioning mind and still gets hungry, a lot. She actually hungers more so than before because her new metabolism, even when normal, processes everything much faster. Sadly for Jacky that the Spirit of the Usagi changed her dietary needs without altering her taste buds. She can no longer digest meat and constantly craves vegetation, but she still loves the taste of steaks and can’t stand greens. Jack healing has limitations as well. Bullet holes will close up, digits will grow back, but if she were to lose her head she’d be dead. She can also feel pain and be held back be substantial injury until they manage to heal, limping along if sliced in the leg.

Super Strength - The Jackrabbit’s strength is great but peculiar. Her arms and torso are strong enough to withstand and reinforce her drive, but all of her strength is tied to her lower body. Think of her like a power lifter that only does squats. Jacky can squat over 10’000 tens but she can’t really bench more than her human side (about twice her body weight). Now flat on her back can Jacky could still support 10,000 tons, she just couldn’t lift it unless she got her legs in there.

Super Senses - Many of Jacky’s sense are increased when she’s powered up. Due to her rabbit like ears and nose, she can smell everything within 50 meters and can hear everything with 50 miles. This prove obnoxious since at first she can’t change back when there is still danger within her proximity, which increase more than ten fold in range after she transforms. Unfortunately her eyesight doesn’t increase any more than being to keep up with her speed, which is a feat in itself, but she still has limited spatial vision, distance, and peripheral. She relies mostly on the Spirit’s instincts and her other senses to compensate. She also has increased sense of balance, spatial awareness, emotional awareness, environment and temperature awareness, and entropic awareness. She doesn’t quite understand it, but Jacky is both aware and in touch with the Universe and specifically Earth’s Entropic Field. She can sense disturbances and fluctuation on the other side of the planet, much further than any of her other senses.

The Gift of Tongues - Thanks to the Spirit of the Usagi, Jacky can now instinctively understand, speak, and read any language, despite being in human or rabbit form. It is a very passive trait that isn’t always active. Once she actually uses a language (reads it, has it spoken to, or calls out to someone in their native tongue without realizing they don’t speak English) it is in her memory forever, but she can’t just speak Russian with a need for it to rise initially. This extends beyond the languages of Earth, though the need will not likely arise.

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