OCs Anime DC Universe Picture

Here my two OC's for the universe of the anime : Justice League of America.

The one of the left is a Ares' warrior. He's the physical representation of one of the attribut of the god : the dog (for the greece origine) or wolf (for roman version).
He's sadic, consider humans as stoopid (and funny when tortures them) creatures. Physically he has something around 45 years old, orange hair and iceblue eyes. He's around 2m20.
(go to the illustration of him for other details ^^)

The one on the right is a banned Atlante. Warrior he lives now on earth, but he's not something like super hero, he try to live like some normal humans. But he's culture and bad experience of justice don't really help.
He's loyal, very impulsive and violent but he conserves a cense of honor very strong. He has no special power, no superforce or infravision. He's just naturally strong (leave in deep ocean help that). and have something more.
When he's in a real danger the water from is body separate from him and become some sort of water'ghosts who fight with him. But he can't touch other water during this time (if so he's parched so dead) and the end of this involotary type of autodefense leave him very weak pratically dead (so it's not a "real" power >_>)

Justice league of america is from DC universe
Ares'servant and the Atlante are mine
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