Sketch Dump: Lesser Characters Picture

I decided to sketch a bunch of old and/or lesser-used characters today, and this is what I ended up with.

Every single character here lives in a different universe, some of which I haven't mentioned yet. I'm going to try to come up with a guide to all my invented universes soon so it won't be so confusing.

Info about Characters:


Cade exists in the K-Prime universe (the same universe where Ailenn and Miya live). She is half water nymph, and was abandoned in a remote pond by her immortal mother (who had seduced her human father) when she was young, due to the her being "broken fey". She had some powers over water and weather and could speak to aquatic animals telepathically, but could not breathe pure air, could not walk on her deformed legs/flippers. Worst of all, she could not shift her form to help herself, so was seen as weak. In K-Variant universes, the fey (as well as many other mythological beings) are what is known as aeşen (EYE-shen). Aeşen are aspects of the Earth (parts of its soul, able to think independently, divide their consciousness, and alter matter at the molecular level). The fey call humans "visitors" because they only have half of a soul in this plane of existence. They come from a six-dimensional space (in the same universe, just not visible to 3 and 4-dimensional organisms), which is where the other half of their soul lies (to be reunited after death). No one knows how or why the souls of humans came to exist on Earth, not even the humans (at least while they're mortal). In the one story I wrote about Cade, Ailenn finds her and cures her brokenness, allowing her the ability to shift from a more human form to a nymph form. She then leaves her pond to attend the Ravenrock Academy, a school for non-humans, partials, Atlantean descendents, and waywalkers (those who can travel between universes). I'll submit her story sometime soon.


Nobody knows for sure if Noriel even exists. He's an infamous mythical figure in the religion of Theigaia in the universe of my webcomic (Reflection of Souls). He is an erissence, a being of pure chaos (the religion's equivalent of a higher-level demon). They exist, but not quite as the church portrays them. But no one is sure if there ever was a Noriel. He figures prominently in the Theigaic Texts' account of the Great Disaster (known by many names). In Revelations (the first book of the Texts, which details the fall of the old world and its evils, the Dark Times, and the arrival of the Savior) 3, verses 4-8 states: "...the erissence Noriel cast the sun into the void, and the Earth fell into chaos and darkness for a great many days." Now he is mostly mentioned as a means of scaring small children into behaving (e.g. "Go to sleep or Noriel will sense your chaos and throw you into the void!") According to tradition, he had black hair, golden eyes with black sclera, white skin, and pointed ears like a Gyptid. His clothes were said to be red with the blood of all the wars he caused.

Turiqei (too-REE-kay):

Turiqei is from the MMW universe, in which the earth was destroyed by an asteroid tens of thousands of years ago. Humans had managed to escape to habitable planets and evolved separately to best survive on those planets. Turiqei's lives on a planet named Fnonem, which is incredibly barren and quite cold. It is also inhabited by Godzilla-sized creatures that could easily destroy a town or city. So Fnonemian cities exist inside reinforced domes and are often in caves or on mountaintops. The only thing the creatures of Fnonem fear is fire, so Fnonemians have evolved so their hair looks as if it is on fire (it glows and moves with the slightest breeze). To keep warm and conserve body heat, they mostly wear a type of clothing known as a Fnonem Gown, which feels like rubber, is form-fitting, and makes the wearer look like a living lava lamp. Turiqei, unlike most of her people, actually has the ability to create and manipulate fire, in addition to the ability to control the strength of gravity around her, which makes her an asset to her city, which is not in a protected cavern or on a mountain. She became a hero for defending her city against a creature called a Zoq. Turiqei is a pretty old character. I think I came up with her 6 years ago, but I haven't done much with her.


She comes from an Earth variant where a small number of people are born with supernatural abilities. Most of these people are recruited as Interdimensional Guardians, a multi-universe group dedicated to keeping order in the multiverse, especially against the chaos of the Rift (a universe-hopping ancient evil). The Guardians are based in the timeless pocket universe known as Anywhere. Members come from many universes and time periods. Agathe is from Ancient Greece, where her abilities of illusion, mind control, and psychokinesis attracted a lot of attention. She was recruited at age 15 by the Guardians and given her staff, which doubles as a power controller/amplifier and a device to open portals. The only story I've ever written that had Agathe in it wasn't even about her... in fact, she was an old woman in the story, a guide to a younger guardian on a mission.
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