OC Inspiration Meme: Thunder Woman Picture

So now that I'm a reasonably decent Photoshopper, I thought I'd play around with a couple of the "memes" that I see around here. First up is the OC Inspiration meme, featuring Thunder Woman.

Yeeeeah, all of these are probably fairly obvious sources of inspiration to anyone with even a partial knowledge of superhero comics, but hey, no shame in admitting your sources. I think it was said (don't remember who said it, might've been George Lucas) that the difference between plagiarism and originality is how many sources you crib from, or something to that effect. Point is, there's no such thing as true originality, but the more sources you draw upon, the more distinct your work/idea becomes.

Anyway, Thunder Woman drew inspiration primarily from four different characters and in different ways:

1) Thor. In general, no real specific influences. More of a "feel" sort of thing.

2) Wonder Woman. Aspects of the design, including the tiara, as well as the incorporation of the Greek gods (my reason being as response to the way the Greek myths have been traditionally handled in WW comics).

3) Captain Marvel. Primary influence on TW's design, including color scheme, as well as the whole transformation business.

4) Storm. Mostly the mixture of powerful weather controlling woman, and aspects of Storm's various designs, including her capes.

So yup, thats the scoop there. Hope you guys enjoyed taking a look!

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