Oscar Picture

So for a Uni Application, I had to create a character, and here he is. Based on a kinda imagination I had when I was little... Just spruced up.

Oscar Einar, a demi God. Child of Thor and an ice Giant. The result of one of Louis tricks on Thor in which he cast an illusion over an Ice Giant woman to seem like his wife Sif. However as soon as the veil was lifted, he cast the woman away, sending her to Earth to bare the child so that Thor himself would bring no shame on his people for having contorted with an Ice Giant.

Loki remains a trickster though, he tells the mother that if she destroys the child, she may return and be accepted. However the boy is part God and immortal, leaving the mother attempting to kill him with no luck. She tries to kill him til the day she herself dies of old age, he ages much more slowly and is left a a child wandering alone. However Loki returns and gives the boy an double edged Axe that he claims to be a gift from Thor, and that a true hero can use this Axe to build the tallest of mountains and if he can make one tall enough to reach the skies, he will be brought back.

Oscar is determined to make his father proud and to be accepted by someone so he then spends his waking hours, day and night, using this Axe to try and build a mountain, but Loki purposely gave him a weapon that wouldn't work well. Oscar travels the earth, hoping to build and wherever he goes he creates a thick icy mist that shrouds visions and as he works, the friction of his Axe to rock created sparks of electricity and the thunder is the sound of rock being crushed and axed.

His name is from the word Osca, thunder in swedish.
And Einar is old Norse for 'He who travels alone'

(c) Moi</p>
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