: Misfortune is born and the dream speaks to me : Picture

" Chaos natum est, tremit imprecata feles. "

Update : 3-1-2016
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|| Achilles ||
Name Meaning:
In Greek Mythology, Achilles was a Greek hero of the Trojan War.
His mother was the nymph Thetis and his father was Peleus, the king of the Myrmidons.

|| Gender: Tom | Orientation: Demiromantic Homosexual ||
DOB: 7/3/?? | Age: about 3 years | Affiliation: Stray ||


{Brave} {Enthusiastic} {Optimistic} {Confident} {Unpredictable} {Curious} {Intelligent} {Persistent}

Achilles is very brave and is willing to put himself in harm's way to protect his family and others close to him.

Achilles is very sociable. He may appear big and intimidating but he is actually very friendly. He's always glad to make new friends.

He always looks towards the bright side of things and will usually try to lighten another cat's day by showing them affection and telling jokes. Achilles honestly tries his best to make things better in any situation.


Achilles is very bold. He's always sure of what he's doing. This may come off as cocky to most, but he really just has a ton of belief in himself.

He's... eccentric to say the least, that's for sure. He can be very spontaneous with his ideas and suggestions. Even in a fight it's hard to tell what he's about to do.

Achilles always was and is naturally curious and is savvy about murder mysterious and many other strays and/or pets come to him for their problems.

He's very knowledgeable and observant about the things around, collecting information. Thanks to his intelligence he's capable of reading and understanding human language.

Achilles never gives up on things and always gives it is 100%. Many may call him stubborn but he just doesn't like giving up and letting go.

" Error natus est. Quo continet via? "

Breed || Pelt
|| Moggy : American Short Hair + Asian (Malayan) Cat + Other unknown breeds || Chimera cat : Split pelt colours / Right side : Black coat | Left side : Ginger tabby ||

Right Side : Green (Your left) | Left Side : Blue (Your right)

Ears || Nose || Paws
Ginger || Black/Light Pink || Black/Light Pink

Prominent Scars
Two downward scars on his the right side of his of his face (Your left.)

Voice || Scent
Kenji Takahashi (e.x. Mizuki from Dramatical Murder) || City pollution, other city odors


Battle Related

{Accurate} {Fast Learner} {Great Eyesight} {Very Sharp Claws/Teeth} {Skilled Fighter}

Non-Battle Related

{Hunter | Hunted} {Sink | Swim} {Can Climb l Can't Climb} {Good Night Vision | Bad Night Vision}
{Social: Butterfly | Cocoon} {Parenting: Best | Good | Poor | Bad} {Clean | Messy}


{Handedness: Right | Left | Ambidextrous}
{Hogwarts: Gryffindor | Hufflepuff | Ravenclaw l Slytherin }


{Food: Chicken McNuggets} {Fighting Move: Front Paw Strike/Forepaw Slash} {Scent: Car Air Fresheners(?)}

Theme Songs

Felidae - Boy George
I was happy here unfettered and free
Living the life of contempt and of luxury
Sucking on bones, sipping white wine
A superior cat - proud and divine

Kyouran Hey Kids!! - The Oral Cigarettes
Blocking NO-masks and destructive crazy kids
Hate lies? Destruction? Throw down the days
And sweet honey of body warmth floated up
Suck in the flavor flavor flavor

Flyers -BRADIO
Delusions of "how you want things to be" and reality,
Stir them up and build your individuality
Deleting yet another of the problems you've been holding
Taking things from beginning to end, that's my entertainment!

" Quis sum ego? Cogito fatum. "


+ Pre-birth/Before kitting
Ginger and Twist were not the most conventional partners. Both admitting to being long lost siblings and Twist being much older than Ginger. Though they fell to their false fantasy of love and soon expected kits. Though this litter died as they were born, which heavily upset Twist. The pair tried again and again, but to no avail. Soon enough Felidae reluctantly answered their prayers and allowed Ginger to have kittens. Ginger fortunately was found by animal control and she was quickly taken to an animal hospital. She was heavily malnourished and heavily pregnant. Thankfully enough she was rehabilitated quickly, before the kittens birth.

+ After Birth/Post kitting
Ginger had three kittens but one had died straight after birth, another was born blind. the third kit was born first and the only seemingly healthy one. Though, the kitten was born with a heterochromatic coat pattern, or rather; a Chimera Cat. Ginger felt no love for the surviving kittens unfortunately. Meanwhile, Twist had no idea as to where his mate had gone. He asked many cats around the area, even if risking to be chased off. Tragedy did strike however once Twist died of undernourishment. The kittens, who had been disowned by their mother were given to another molly who had also recently given birth. The Chimera kitten, who would later be named Achilles, quickly befriended the only other tom kitten out of seven (including Achilles and his brother.) This tom was named Rhaegar and he was the definition of the word brat, though under odd circumstances Achilles managed to befriend him and the duo were inseparable after that. They always got each other out of trouble. It wasn't until Achilles got adopted out by a young girl by the age of 7.

+ Post Adoption/After Adoption
Achilles was not happy in his home. The little girl kept manhandling him and even dropped him a few times. It got to the point where drew the line and hid behind the couch for days straight. It wasn't his fault, he just hated the kid. The parents soon realized that the kitten was getting unhealthy and terribly skinny. They decided to take him to the vet to see the issues, not suspecting is was the child. The veterinarian suggested it was stress levels and that the kitten was not being properly taken care of it. The parents, not wanting to take care of the kitten anymore, unknowingly dumped Achilles out on the streets, telling the the child he ran away. At least he wouldn't be called 'Muffin' anymore.

+ Post Abandonment/After Abandonment
Achilles by now had practically grew up on the streets. He learned how to hunt the proper way, make do with what he had and well, live on the city streets. It wasn't long until he found his long lost adoptive brother, Rhaegar. It was a bittersweet re encounter. The duo went back to the comfortable friendship they once had and stay together to this day. Achilles found his brother as well, now knowing that he was named 'Toast', living at the bicycle repair shop down the street.

" Quis es tu? Ai. Secreta scis. "


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