Enna Zophos (OC) Picture

Currently my favorite work so far - I did this a few months ago.
This is a character profile for Enna (Not final):
  • Enna (based on Arwen from LoTR, a close friend, Emma, and Lady Sif from Marvel)

    • Claíomh Solais – Sword of Nuada the king of the gods in Irish mythology; In legend, the sword glowed with the light of the sun and was irresistible in battle, having the power to cut his enemies in half.

    • Emma's character:

    • Name: Enna Glaborila Zophos

    • Race: Elf

    • Age (chronologically): 29

    • Age (physically): 24

    • Affiliations/Relationships:

      • Elder sister of Excalphoz Zophos

      • Niece of Queen Arilia Pulgena II

      • Daughter of General Xenlain Zophos

      • Captain of the Queen's Squadron

    • Daughter of a well-known elven captain of an elven squadron. Wants to bring justice to the dark world that is Agnavina. Despite her restriction to justice, she has her moral code, and would shame herself she ever takes an innocent life. She is adept with handling her enchanted sword and throwing knives. Enna fought in the Dragon War with her mother, General Xenlain Zophos, and her brother, Excalphoz Zophos. While her brother had left for his lifelong goal after the war, Enna stayed in the royal palace, continuing to serve under the Elven Monarch.

    • Enna is capable of using magic, exclusively forming magical shields. She is capable of using healing spells and casting destructive spells. However, due to years and years of hardship, combat and the loss of her mother, who was a general of the army during the Dragon War (the war against dragons 10 years ago), Enna became a cold, stern soldier.

      • The Dragon War: The war against an army of dragons ten years ago. Humans, elves and dwarves set aside their differences and formed alliances to fight the beasts. Many perished, which resulted in the extreme prejudice against dragonkind.

      • Character's signature move: capable of moving very quickly and is very agile. She stands still in one position and whips out her knives. She then throws the four knives around her (note number of knives decreased from eight to six to four in order to minimise her power, as the amount of daggers would be too overpowering) , which would form a circle. She pulls out her sword, glowing brightly. She raises it in the air and sinks it into the ground, creating a glowing circle of light. The light shines below her and she shouts an ancient, magical word only known by few. The power responds to the spoken word and erupts beneath her, enveloping her with magic. The knives float from their positions and float around her, forming a magical shield.

      • The knives are capable of moving according to Enna’s command, and are capable of firing beams of magic/energy. (concept similar to “funnels” in the Gundam franchise. See “Qubeley” or “Nu Gundam” for details)

      • Their weakness: breaking Enna’s concentration would result in the knives failing to comply and therefore either going astray or lose their magic. This could be exploited by mind control or surprise attacks.

      • Her knives are about the size of an average human’s forearm. Description: double-edged, iron blade. A uniquely coloured gem in the middle of the hilt: sapphire, ruby, emerald and amber.

    • Enna has a love-hate relationship with her brother, Excalphoz. She loves Excalphoz just because he is family, but she could not forgive him for abandoning the Zophos family (lack of honour) after the death of their mother and going AWOL, so she pledges her loyalty to the Queen.

      • The heroes meet her in the elvish Kingdom ruled by Queen Pulgena, whom Enna serves as a personal guard.

    • When Enna and her brother were sent to go to war, they were 19 and 17 years old respectively. Excuses for Enna and Excalphoz for going to war ten years ago: they were trained as the best, by the best. Any trained soldier had to fight in it.

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