Miss Brave Conquering Hero Everyone Picture

Oh, outfit creation, why do I love you so? This is my character Telemache, a wandering heroine traveling the land of Greece with her faithful pegasus, Belos. I really love her story because I get to play around with gender roles and expectations so much of the time. It isn't everyday that you see a woman bearing a spear riding a flying horse with a male former prostitute in tow.
The first outfit here is really just what she would look like being woken up in the middle of the night with her blanket over her shoulders. She's kind of a grump when she's woken up. The second is actually from a scene in the story where she has to dress herself up. She is not that pleased to be perfectly honest. The braids in her hair were done courtesy of aforementioned former prostitute Hilarion, as she sucks at doing her own hair. And finally, the last is her visiting her family back in her home village and just enjoying being back home.

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