Kuroke Saru no Oji Picture

"The Black-haired Prince of Monkeys"

Just a doodle I drew a little while ago. I love the Chinese mythical hero, the Monkey King, so I decided to emanate him a bit. Kuroke here is the most handsome young monkey in his tribe, and prides himslef in being amoung the fastest, strongest and certainly cleverest of his family as well. He strives to someday be an immortal warrior, just like the Monkey King.

Oh, and for all you poor people who can't understand my chikenscratch, the haiku above him reads:

Chattering monkey
In the summer, he climbs trees
And thinks himself tall

Kuroke, even though he's still just a rough sketch of a character, is still copyright to me. Yes, I am that paraniod.
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