Thesis : Crucified Savior Picture

-Sigh- ... This is gonna bite me in the ass, isn't it?

Crucified Savior Mythos

First off, yes I will admit I'm agnostic. No, that doesn't mean I did this out of spite or to poke fun at Christians. It was created out of fascination for the subject matter, just like any other piece I did for this project. Anyway, the idea of the Crucified Savior is not a new one and while not all the saviors were crucified (at least in the way Westerners might think of it) they did suffer a sacrifice for their respective people. This is another worldwide phenomenon, thus why I made him pure white. For those of you who are unaware, when it comes to the color spectrum, at least as far as light is concerned, when you combine all the possible colors it makes white. So rather than having him look like a gay pride flag, I instead decided to represent it in a cleaner color scheme that pronounces everything going on in the portrait. There is actually a bit of interesting literature by Kersey Greaves called The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors. Unfortunately, due to the time it was written there are some parts of the book we now know to be untrue, but a majority of it is very well analyzed and an intriguing read, if you can get past the rather judgmental tone it can take. For the most part, these saviors are characterized by their portrayal as an ideal of their society, often a man who has been born pure through one way or another, be it divine parentage (there are actually quite a few ones coupled with virgin birth) or just their placement in society, such as in the case of Buddha, who was born a prince and thus seen as having divine blood. Sometimes their coming is told through a prophecy, strangely it is usually a snake. These saviors devote themselves to their people and finding divine meaning or higher knowledge with which to make the world better. Whether through opposition, the will of their respective deit(ies), or otherwise, this often comes with a cost and through their revelation and/or death (Buddha is one of I think two or three that instead reach a higher stage of enlightenment and are thought to die of old age and/or shed their earthly form) they end up bringing enlightenment to the Earth. Often there is a rebirth or resurrection. I think there is something profound in the way that so many cultures have this motif that even the divine must suffer, or at the very least that through blood the evils of their world are washed away. Obviously, the most common form of this myth is the Christ myth, thus where the term 'Crucified Savior/Hero' generally comes from, although other figures (many of whom you may have heard of) include Zoroaster, Thor, Dionysus, and even Horus.
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