Group picture of 2003 Picture

A group picture I drew in 2003, of my friends and some inside jokes.....

Okay, from left to right.....the bottom (aka the people that look decent) and their explanations:

* Dionysus - the Greek God of Wine and Revelry. I took Mythology with my good friend Maria and we decided to make our personal favorite gods our bitches. So, Dionysus is her bitch. And he loves orgies.
* Marius - If you've read Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles, you'll know who Marius is. He is Maria's favorite character in the series.
* Maria! - My good, good, good, good, friend Maria. We've been through a ton of stuff together, even though we've only been friends since freshman year. Here she is, with her trademark hoodie, chugging some sake with a bazooka next to her. Because she is a paintball fanatic and will someday rule the world with her m4d Halo $k!llZ.
* Loki - The Norse god of Mischief.....I love this guy to DEATH. *glee* He's the one I chose as my bitch, and is also one of my patron gods (I'm pagan, shut up, I can believe in whatever the hell I want). Yay for the lovable trickster! *hugs teh Loki*
* Lestat - Again, if you've read Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles you will know who this is. Then again, if you've seen Interview With The Vampire or The Queen of the Damned, you should know who he is. The hero (of sorts) of Anne Rice's novels....and a lovable bastard. He's my favorite vampie in the series.
* Hannes - XD XD XD XD XD XD The German boy I had a crush on at the time. This was before the love of my life ( * Me - Looking annoyed....because Lestat is a player. Seriously. He just can't make up his mind who he loves it Louis? Armand? Claudia? Marius? David? Gabrielle? Who????? XD XD * Amanda - Sadly, she and I aren't exactly friends anymore. I read her lj to see what she's up to, but we're not exactly on speaking terms. But back then, we were very good friends. She is one of the epitome's of wierd. I was very proud on how her face came out.
* Orlando Bloom - Gahahahahaha. Amanda had the biggest crush on him at the time. So, I thought it should be natural that she should be holding onto her Orli.
Okay, now the top, from left to right:

* Frito the Caterpillar - In my Zoology class, we went outside. Maria and I found and brought into the school this fuzzy caterpillar and we named it Frito. He was going to be our in-school pet. But unfortunately, as we were going to lunch, he got impaled by a folder. We grieved, but Frito shall always remain in our hearts. XD
* Andrew - Amanda's brother. He's had the hots for Maria for years.
* Chester the panda - Amanda's imaginary panda character. He loves twinkies and humps anything that moves.
* Nick - Maria's brother.
* Hippopotamus - Random hippopotamus that was inspired by something Amanda said. Don't even ask.

There's a couple of Japanese notes on there XD and a small doodle of my friend Lacey.

That about does it.

Art (c) Me
Loki & Dionysus (c) Me n Maria, but in actuality, themselves
Marius & Lestat (c) Anne Rice
Bazooka Model 20050 'Gremlin' (c) Maria
Hannes & Orlando Bloom (c) Themselves
Frito (c) Himself
Chester (c) Amanda Topping
Hippopotamus (c) Amanda Topping
Amanda, Maria, Nick, Andrew, and myself (c) Ourselves
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