Gladys Calandra Character Design Sheet Picture

[Description per 10/6/14] - Subject to change as the story writing progress further.

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Verse: Kuda Besi
Date: N/a

Full Name: Gladys Calandra
Pronunciation: Gledis Kalandra (in indonesian)
Nickname/Alias: Glad, Mag-Rider (From her magenta colored bike)
Meaning: Small Sword [Gladys], Having fun [Calandra] Small sword that loves to have fun. Hmm..
Title: Neng- Mbak-
Pet Name: Usually she's called Mag, or Glad.
ID Number: 7638 022945 0001
Signature: Quite messed up (even when she's a girl), still able to maintain level writing though.

Gender: F
Gender Role: Masculine when to act cool but still had her Fem-side hidden.
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 18
Age Appearance: 18
Birthday: 29th of February. Yeah that's hard!
Deathday: Still living on!
Birthplace: Jogjakarta
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Zodiac Sign: Wood Ox

Immediate Family:
Herself, but mostly she's raised by wherever she live with.
Distant Family:
Her father()
Mother ()
Sister (Eri)
She was taken by her father, and but left alone and grow up on her own. She hates her father so much.
Upbringing: How to live self-sufficiently, living as a lone wolf, being reliable without relying on others.
Gladys born together with Eri as a twin sisters, her mother has passed away and her father took care of her. However her sister, Eri, was left in her uncle's care. (Feeling left alone, Eri's hatred towards Gladys grow stronger each day. the reason of Gladys story)
Gladys childhood was not so bright, her father has lose the resolve to live when she still grows up. Gladys herself was actually a smart girl, she always try to show her father what she capable of, however her father, succumbed in his own dark thoughts never once proud of Gladys, until one day Gladys did a mistake at school, and her father was called in. Feeling ashamed, Her father unconsciously slap her and left her alone. That day, Gladys start to live and grow up in the street. She fights for her life, escaping cruel street lives as homeless kid. She grows stronger by the day and used to live in the street, she has a lot of underground connections and shady business partners, however she still resolve that she deserve more and keep struggling to finish her school.
Adolescence: ([13-17] Teen years)
When she wants to enter junior high she has a problem that she doesn't have any guardian. This is where she met Kang Nala, he told her that if she want to enter school so badly, he'll be her guardian, but she has to work for him. Gladys was in doubt with kang Nala but after Kang Nala said "If your resolve is that weak, than maybe it'll be better for you to stay away from that dream, aren't you gonna do everything for it?". Then she timidly agree with Kang Nala.
When she was first bought in to Kang Nala's place, she thought she;s gonna be raped as Kang Nala forcefully open her clothes (she's still a child though) but that fear went away as she realize Kang Nala only wash her wounds and give her a better change. Kang Nala than began to teach her everything, from school education, to how to work with him as a helper.
She's now a student of SMA Y. While she don't participate in any particular club, she works as Kuda Besi's transporter. And in this age that she met Firus.
Coming of Age: Gladys "grew up" as an able girl in her 10 years old, the time where a child sins is no longer their parents burden in Islamic Age/ This is because the event happened in her childhood as mentioned above.
Evolution: Gladys has grown from a happy child to the moment everything breaks her down. In this story she became a girl who has gone through sadness of life who pursue a simple form of happiness.

Species: Human
Ethnicity: Javanese
Blood Type: AB+
Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous, prefer balanced use of both hands
Facial Type: Oval
Eye Color: Reddish Pink
Hair Color : Dark Purple
Hairstyle: Straight -Long
Skin Tone: Light Brown
Complexion: A few burnt marks on her skins and a noticeable tanned skin because of motoring
Makeup: None
Body Type: Ectomorph
Build: Long Legs
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Cup Size: 34 C
Facial Hair: -
Shoe Size: 43
Birthmarks/scars: Scars at her back because of accident she had when she was a child, She have a birth marks on her left arm while her sister, Eri Has one on her left.
Distinguishing Features: Always use a long pants instead of skirt in school.

Health: Healthy as an athlete
Energy: Good stamina and endurance.
Memory: She is good at remembering things. Places she only got through once, facial recognition, and instruction. However she's not good at remembering numbers.
Senses: Has a good vision
Allergies: -
Handicaps: -
Medication: -
Phobias: Heights, as her parents died in a collapsed building accident
Addictions: -
Mental Disorders: -

Style: Tomboy Girl.
Mode of Dress: She usually wear some kind of simple dark boyish clothes.
Grooming: Well groomed
Posture: Tall, Straight cool.
Gait: Moves efficiently. walk regularly.
Coordination: Has a good reflexes, and strong muscles.
Habits and Mannerisms: Swirling ball point, gripping and loosing hands when she's out of her cool.
Scent: Smells like shampoo or whatever soap's available as she don't usually use perfume.

Mood: Calm
Attitude: Interact as cool as possible, speak as necessary to stranger, but can be so open to close friend.
Stability: Stable, only scars of the past will shake her.
Expressiveness: Hiding emotions
When Happy: Flustered or simply smiled as she rarely express happiness in her life.
When Depressed: Get to her bike and drive aimlessly.
When Angry: Boil up Silently and if she snaps, punch the person who caused it.

Current Residence: Bandung
Community: Kuda Besi, SMA Y Bandung
Family: [Described above]
Friends: Members of Kuda Besi, her past street fellow
Enemies: the Police. Outlaw riders
Bosses: Kang Nala
Followers: Her former street gang member
Heroes: Kang Nala, Firus.
Rivals: Avera, and fellow transporter from other areas
Relates to: Eri, as her twins.
Pets/Familiars: -

- School uniform (Grey Pants & ties, White shirts, Converse black canvas shoes)
- Casual attire (T shirt with long jeans, using same canvas shoes as school)
- Working Attire (White leather jacket, hand cover, helmet, + Casual Attire
- Formal (A Long coat, with a body fit Shirt and Jeans)
Equipment: A Magenta Aprillia RS 150, modified to accommodate medium-sized packets and a slot to keep her favorite self-defense tools, a 36" RIDGID Pipe Wrench.
Accessories: Arm Band in right hand that functions also as clock
Trinkets: Organizer mobile-phone.
Funds: Keeping a minimal fund to eat, buy petrol, and parking fees
Home: The dorm inside Kuda Besi's HQ [Will be described later on]
Neighborhood: Carefree bunch of oldman. The Kuda Besi Base.
Transportation: Riding her bike (transporting), using Bandung Monorail System (to school)
License Plate Number: D 3571 NY
Collections: Collecting 80's music albums, as one of her ways to fulfill her hobbies
Most valuable possession: Her bike (bought by her own hard-work in Kuda Besi, was once Kang Nala's possession)
Prized Possession: Her Sister

Lovers: -
Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Transporter
Work Ethnic: Hardworking, and she's not sure with what she's doing but she's quite happy with it.
Rank: Long Range Transporter (intercity)
Income: Pretty big for a high school student to allow maintain a classic sport bike (In today's value)
Wealth Status: Middle Class
Experience: Has been doing streets jobs for years. Joining street performers, selling newspapers/magazine, a delivery girl for some people.
Organizations/Affiliations: Kuda Besi Courier Co.

IQ: 120 (Superior) Wechsler Intelligence Scales
Education: Was an honor student in elementary school, however she dropped in junior high. In high school she started to get better.
School: SMA Y - A typical high school which is a neutral base (or so i thought), free from influence of motorbike gangster.
Grade: AB
Special Education: Held back for one years, has learned the way to survive in the street.
Social Stereotype: Tomboy
Degrees: Social Degree
Intelligence: Musical, Spatial, and Kinesthetic
Extracurricular Activities: The lead guitarist of School Band "Lost Nuts and Bolts", also self trained physical skills

Religion: not mention
Morals: As long as it intended for good, it's not wrong.
Crime Record: Evading numerous police "operation"
Motivation: Peace
Priorities: Family, Friends, Value
Philosophy: Everyone wants to make this world better, it's just their way are different to each other.
Political Party: Not politically concern-
Etiquette: Mild mannerism, can keep up with most situation.
Culture: Common Javanese Culture.
Influences: Kang Nala, Firus (fellow Javanese), Mas Suparno (Mechanics of Kuda Besi)
Relates to: Her original Family
Traditions: Common Indonesian Traditions.
Superstitions: She believe that a possession used long enough will have a bit of personality from their possessor

Main Goal: To lead a peaceful life, to find her sister.
Minor Goals/Ambitions: Own a music studio where she can jam as she please.
Career: Became the best of all fellow courier.
Desires: Lead a peaceful life, preserve the good times memories together
- A Classic Fender Stratocaster with tube amplifier.
- Her own bike << will have at the beginning of stories.
Accomplishments: Have her own bike, and At some point, Gladys manage to buy her own guitar and start to play as local band in Bandung
Greatest Achievement: Up until the beginning of story, she manages to keep up with school, paying her own life, and start a band. Finally she pursue towards the dream to reunite with her sister.
Biggest Failure: Can't do anything as a kid when her family ruined.
Secrets: Her family condition
Regrets: Abandoning her sister
Worries: Condition of her sister; Fear that one day, Kuda Besi's member will go their own separate way.
Best Dream: Unites with her sister, playing band together.
Worst Nightmare: The death of her mother, caused by bombing which collapsed the place she go to.
Best Memories: The time she could spend together with her beloved mom, sister and her once amazing father. And the time she spends with fellow Kuda Besi's team
Worst Memories: The time when she has to left her sister with her helplessness, and the time she reach the point she hates her father so much that she runs away.

Hobbies/Interests: Playing Music, especially Rock/Metal one
Skills/Talents: Sports basic reflex, and Guitar skills
Likes: When people gather together and share their happiness together.
Dislikes: Arguing against others.
Sense of Humor: Ironic
Pet Peeves: People talking in others back
Dreams/Nightmares: Past Family time
Quirks: Used to boyish attire rather than girly one.
Savvy: Local Police information, and street rumors.
Can't understand: Otaku-ism - Patriotism
Closet Hobby: Cosplay *ching

Aloof << slowly open up to others as story progress
Fixated on Her Past Times << causing major trouble, Will be solved in the story,
Perception: Nothing is really evil, it's just they have their own way of doing things right.
Conflicts: She wants the time to enjoy life as a girl, however her way of living doesn't allow her to do so.
Instincts: Tend to avoid unnecessary relationship with people, tend to attached to what she have.
Lures: Warmness of people around, information regarding her sister
Soft Spot: Being complimented for the way she is.
Cruel Streak: When someone is saying her as a low-lives. or simply badmouthing her close ones.

Powers/Abilities: -
Origin: -
Source: -
Ability: -
Weaknesses: -
Immunities: -
Restrictions: -
Alternate Forms: -
Extra Anatomy: -

Favorite Colors: Magenta Red
Favorite Animals: Cat
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Kitsune
Favorite Places: Bukit Karaton, Bandung, West Java
Favorite Landmarks: Mt. Bromo, East Java
Favorite Flavors: Strawberry
Favorite Foods: Gudeg Jogja
Favorite Drinks: Processed Fresh Milks in Strawberry flavor
Favorite Characters:
Favorite Genre: Actions, Romance
Favorite Books:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Games: Guitar Hero
Favorite Shows:
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Bands: One Ok Rock
Favorite Songs: Mighty Long Fall
Favorite Sports: Basketball
Favorite Stores:
Favorite Subjects: Anthropology
Favorite Numbers: 96
Favorite Websites:
Favorite Words:
Favorite Quotations: (Can be lengthy and philosophical or just simple clichés such as "Every dog has his day)

Least Favorite Colors: Pink (well that's a close call)
Least Favorite Animals: Reptiles
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: Dragons
Least Favorite Places: Wet Smelly place such as landfills and slumps
Favorite Landmarks:
Least Favorite Flavors:
Least Favorite Foods:
Least Favorite Drinks:
Least Favorite Characters:
Least Favorite Genre:
Least Favorite Books:
Least Favorite Movies:
Least Favorite Games:
Least Favorite Shows:
Least Favorite Music:
Least Favorite Bands:
Least Favorite Songs:
Least Favorite Sports:
Least Favorite Stores:
Least Favorite Subjects:
Least Favorite Numbers:
Least Favorite Websites:
Least Favorite Words:
Least Favorite Quotations: (Can be lengthy and philosophical or just simple clichés such as "Every dog has his day)

Languages: Indonesia, Javanese
Accent: Medok, Central Java Style
Voice: Medium Low Pitch
Speech Impediments: (Stutters, slurs, or whistles)
Greetings and Farewells: "Yow"/"Dah" both while just simply open her hand
State of Mind: "Ya kayak gini aja"
Compliment: "Hee, apik tenan e ya""Hmm, iya bener juga itu"
Insult: "Woh, jan rainem kui ra mbois blas" "Yuh, ra ndue utek" - in a pokerface
Expletive: "Asemik" "Kurangajar"
Laughter: "hihihi" in a girly manner
Tag Line: "piye to?"
Signature Quote: "Karepmu"

Reputation: An outlaw, rebellious student who still managed to pass the school exam magnificently.
First Impressions: Weird, Rebellious.
Stranger Impressions: Weird
Friendly Impressions: Loyal, hardworking, and somehow just can't be honest to herself.
Enemy Impressions: Blunt, ignorant, and selfish person.
Familiar Impressions: Lovely and cute.
Compliments: Brave and Honest
Insults: Weirdo freak!
Self-Impression: Fragile and insecure.

MBTI Personality Type: ISFP the Artist
Temperament: Phlegmatic
Enneagram: The Peacemaker
Ego/Superego/Id: Ego
The Self: ?
The Shadow: ?
The Anima/Animus: ?
Persona/Mask: ?

Role: Firus' partner from the beginning of his journey in Bandung, spesifically as his mentor on telling how the job on Kuda Besi works
Fulfillment: She become Firus' friend until the end of story.
Significance: Gladys is the one who will accompany the main character, Firus, in the beginning of the story. Also her path will cross with her sister which will explain the nature of law and justice involved in the business of Kuda Besi (which is courier service)
Alignment: Good
Comparison: Guide Rail ?
Symbol: (Does your character have any kind of recurring symbol that represents them? [Ex: a rose, a black cat, a sunset] Could be blatant or subtle.)
Song: One ok rock - The Beginning
Vice: Pride
Virtue: Patience
Defining Moment: The moment she finally met her sister.
Tropes: A typical tomboyish girl, with a typical kuudere personality.
Originality: She's from Javanese ethnic, almost extremely boyish yet undeniably girly.
One Word: Tilted
Continue Reading: Hero