Thunder Woman Villain: Hera Picture

This is Hera, one of Thunder Woman's primary arch-enemies and big bads.

She is the wife of Zeus, lord of the Greek pantheon of gods, and a very vindictive, jealous woman. This jealousy is the result of Zeus' constant infidelity, and many a lover of the Greek god has been punished quite cruelly by Hera for even daring to welcome Zeus' amorous advances.

Hera, however, like a lot of the gods has an imperious indifference to humans otherwise. They are lesser, inferior beings to her, and she fails to see what Zeus and some of their children or siblings see in them. This indifference is great enough that she even largely forgot about humanity for almost two thousand years. That is, until Samantha West came along.

When she discovered that after so long Zeus was back to his promiscuous ways, Hera was infuriated. She sent a pair of snakes to kill Samantha in her sleep, but Zeus was able to prevent them from accomplishing that task. Then he did something Hera never expected. Tired of having his lovers getting killed, tortured, or transformed by Hera's magic and minions, and having a special affection for Samantha that he had never had before, he imbued her with a portion of his divinity, and even the power of the Thunderbolt and Aegis. So it was that on Hera's second attempt on Samantha, the human woman became a demi-goddess and was able to thwart the attempt on her life.

Hera was livid at this, and devoted her entire existence to making Samantha's life a living hell. But this time, Zeus laid down the law. With the tentative support of his brothers and other members of the pantheon, he forbade Hera from interfering in Samantha's life, or be cast out from the pantheon and divorced from him. Hera begrudgingly accepted this, but continued to attack Thunder Woman or send minions and monsters after her in secret.

Hera is directly responsible for two other major enemies of Thunder Woman: the Neo-Hydra, a powerful serpentine monstrosity born from the flesh of the Hydra itself, born and raised by Cadmus, even infused with some of the power of the titan Typhon, and Thunder Slayer, a woman also imbued with the same power as Thunder Woman and given a sword capable of slaying even the gods. The goddess has even teamed up with Samantha's other major archenemy, Todesfall. However, that venture ended up badly for Hera, as her disdain for humanity caused her to underestimate Todesfall. The mad scientist manipulated her to his own ends, making her think she was in charge, and when he was done with her, stripped Hera of all her godly power, forcing her to appeal to Thunder Woman for help. After this, Hera discontinued any further attempts to attack or humiliate Thunder Woman, nursing a wounded ego in the aftermath of her humiliation by Todesfall.

Hera, as a Greek goddess, is naturally endowed with vast superhuman power. So long as she eats the golden apples she is immortal, immune to almost all poison and disease, and can regenerate from almost any injury. She also possesses vast magical power, so strong that even Zeus cannot undo her curses. However, for all her power she is no fighter, and comparative weaker opponents with skill in battle can overcome her if they play it smart and do not underestimate her. Conversely, her greatest weakness is her ego, which causes her to underestimate anyone who is not a part of the Greek pantheon, and she even harbors a sense of superiority over some of the other gods.

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