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You decided to visit the local library and check out some books on some of the alien species you knew ran around. The first you saw was a book titled "Bushkin & Hellkin An Introduction to Reekeen Biology." The cover has two similar creatures, one with a short tail and bright cool colors, and the other had a much longer tail and darker, warm colors. It also had wings and horns. You crack the book open to a random page, just to see what kind of information you can find, and take a quick read.
"Hellkin are a flying subspecies of Reekeen. They are well known for their darker colors, antlers which shed every winter, and apparent flight skills. They are actually gliding by manipulating the air around them. Should their feelers be removed their flight is painfully awkward as they are actually too heavy for their wings to handle."
The illustration said it was a depiction of an antlerless female hellkin. You set the book aside, recalling seeing what you believe might have been a hellkin on the news for attacking civillians, and thought the book might come in handy. You grab the next book which is called "Foxes of Marasheer Brief Studies of the Fox Clans of Marasheer." The cover illustration is why you chose this book as, while you never heard of Marasheer, you recall a child with a striking resemblance to the creature on the cover running about the aprk eating squirrels. Again you crack the book open for a brief glimps and read.
"The lost clan of Akril only survives in wild stories. They provided the first king and upon his death vanished in the arctic. It is believed that they created a utopian society through isolation and worship Life as she provides the materials for their survival. It is also believed that males"
You shook your head and put the book away. It was clearly fairy tails, the connection between the child you have seen running around and the cover must be a coincidence. You grab a third book, this time called "Gestured Abilities Basic Lemaru Biology." On the cover was a human figure with lemur ears and a red and white striped tail. You raised a brow as he was depicted rubbing his hands together to create a flame. Once again you select a random page to skim.
"Black tailed Lemarus are often called the slur of 'powder tails' due to their sharp gunpowder scent. A genetic mutation or possibly a variation that died out, they are always male. The name often given to them is 'Nitrox Nihiil' which translates roughly to 'Unwanted Destroyer.' It's believed the cruelty to the black tails is based on their effective uselessness in the trees."
You frown as you vaguely recall one of those black tails being a frequent pest at the local bank. What a sad name to claim as your own, if only because no other name has ever been known. You put this book away as well and grab one last book. It was titled "Perfection in Disproportion A Study on Pok Pok Biology." On the cover was a creature you recognized as you had seen something very similar moments ago. You open the book and are greeted with an illustration showing where most of the thicker muscles are, pointing out their hard skulls, the fact their legs are unstable, and that their lower half is effectively the only vulnerable part to them. You read the accompanying text.
"Pok Poks are very dense creatures composed mostly of heavy metals like iron. This makes them highly conductive, incapable of swimming, and very resilient to physical attacks." Closing the book, you put it away as well as you recalled the only instance of Pok Pok you have seen to be quite friendly. You picked up "Bushkin & Hellkin" and headed off for the check out, noting out the corner of your eye you saw the familiar giant and gave a wave earning a wave back from the large red creature.

Soooo I decided to doodle up some theoretical biology books on the species of my characters that are in the hero group and stuff. Only KF has a really...AMBIGUOUS biology book because her clan is basically mythology on her world. At least we know the name of it now though, so yaaaay! But uh...YEAH basically if you ever wanna beat/know more about Nitrox, Garnet, or Richko, library has books. Heh.
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