Atlantis Rising - Dark Alliance Picture

Atlantis Rising, Chapter Three

- Angel Falls North -
- Location: the Nyhshea Eternal, Neo-Atlantean Dropship of the Warrior Shaman Matthias Geist -

Navatu, the A.I. construct and control core of the ship, had a grin on his face as he turned to speak to his guests.
- Commander Geist, I have completed those biological and magical energy scans on that tentacle fragment you brought. - The excited tones of the A.I. are apparent for all to here from him.
Matthias and Robin Morgan looked over at him. The Aqua mage arched her eyebrow up in response.
“That is impressive, Navatu. Those scans were completed in a fairly short amount of time.” She pointed out to him. Navatu nodded in reply.
- You are correct, Robin Morgan. The Nyhshea Eternal's internal image and in-depth scanning systems are quite sophisticated, especially when compared to Earth borne technology. - He explained proudly.
Matthias nodded to the A.I. “What are the results of the scans, my friend?” He inquired as Robin looked on with anticipation and great curiosity.
- The biological scans have confirmed that this tentacle fragment did come from an extinct species of Architeuthis, also known as the Giant Squid. -
“I gathered as much, Navatu. They generally stay deep under the seas, and only come up to the surface to die, or for food.” Robin added.
Navatu nodded. - That is correct, Robin; however, this one was a young adult that has surprisingly grown beyond its normal growth span in a short period of time, which explains the next scan: it is of magical origin. -
Robin's eyes widened, as does the cerulean blue orbs of Matthias. “Can you pinpoint the point of origin of this creature from those scans, Navatu?”
- Affirmative, Commander. The mana is quite distinguishable, and it definitely originated from the depths of Bermuda. -
“Bermuda? The infamous Bermuda Triangle? Are you certain of this triangulation?” Matthias inquired of his ship's A.I. as Robin nodded to herself, and as Navatu nodded back, she silently mused to herself.
“The Bermuda Triangle?! Of course! It has long been associated with the island of Atlantis.” She returned to the present moment to hear the next words from Navatu.

- The region known as the Bermuda Triangle is, in fact, a huge dome of magical energy, NOT extraterrestrial, which has long been hypothesized and documented by the human race. It is also fairly large as well, my friends. - Navatu explained.
“Put it up on the world map. Let's get a good look at it.” Matthias motioned to Navatu's screen behind him. As Robin stood up, Navatu's holographic head nodded, and then put the mana energy signature onto the 3D world map. “Can you slowly expand the mana energy view in all directions, Navatu?” Matthias asked.
- I will try, Commander. The mana from the sample is now dissipating rapidly. However, I scanned enough of it to be able to get an accurate reading. By using the sensors from the Nyhshea Eternal, the dome is indeed massive. It originates off the coast of Bermuda, and ends off the coast of Gibraltar. - Navatu finished saying as the scan showed the huge dome of mana energy, confirming the configuration the A.I. had pointed out.
"Do you know what this means, Matthias?” Robin asked with a grim look in her face. Matthias frowned in response. “According to the information Navatu just uncovered, I surmise that someone from Atlantis magically altered that leviathan then sent it to the surface, but what for, and why now?” He pointed out.
“I do not know why, Matthias, now of all time, but I suspect that they are searching for something that was recenty found here on the surface. We must find out what it is that they are looking for, and stop them from acquiring it.” Robin said with determination.

Matthias nodded. “Agreed, Robin Morgan. We must work and coordinate our efforts together. Here, take these readouts Navatu just printed to the Guardians; they are the Nyhshea Eternal's scan results and maps of the area in question. Show them what we just discovered, and inform them on what the situation is".
Robin looks at him then says, "I must tell you Matthias, I am not a Guardian. However, my wife Morgana is, so I will give the information to her". Matthias nods and continues,
"Meanwhile, I believe that Emily and her friend, Hailey Storm, are checking up on a lead over at the docks right now, and..... UUUGGGGHH!” Matthias suddenly had a sharp pain develop in his skull, as did Prince Ozarion in his stable. He instantly knew what, and who, it was.

- Lightning Dancer! It's me, your husband, Matthias! Calm your mind, my love! -
- Lightning Dancer, fight this rage! Please, my Daeva-Nyhshea! -

Robin looked on with shock and concern as she watched the normally calm Warrior Shaman suddenly fall down to his knees, along with the Arcane Bolt Stallion. Then, just as quickly, both of them shook off whatever had happened, and regained their mental composure.
“Matthias! Prince Ozarion! Are you alright!? What happened?” She asked them as she helped Matthias up as he quickly straightened his battle uniform, even as the gems on his vambraces glow with intense energy, while Ozarion pulled himself back up to his full height, his majestic horn now buzzing with electricity.
“Prince Ozarion and I share a psychic link with Ms. Blitzen, Robin. Something terrible has just happened to her. For a very brief instant, we both lost contact with her. Now.... all that we can sense from her, is rage, pure and savage, animalistic fury.” He said in a drained voice as he looked over at Ozarion, his own chest rune glowing furiously.
/ Lady Emily is in trouble, Brother Matthias! / Ozarion called out as he recovered, also sensing the intensity of the blind rage from his life mate.
“Yes, Great Steed. I sensed it, too; she needs us, now!” Matthias said with determination as he chanted and summoned his wings out of his shoulder runes. Ozarion nodded and walked up next to him, pounding his mighty hooves on the elemental alchemy-augmented metal of the floor beneath him. / I am ready, Brother. We must go! /
Robin nodded at them. “Go to her, my friends. I will go to Guardian Hall and show them what we have just uncovered. Call me immediately, should you need assistance.” Robin said as she shook hands with the Warrior Shaman. Matthias nodded to the Water Mage.
“Navatu! Open the hatch!” He ordered loudly as the A.I. nodded and unlocked the main hangar bay hatch of the dropship, after dropping that section of the cloaking screens.
- Good luck, and Godspeed, Commander Geist, Prince Ozarion. -

Matthias and Ozarion both took off in one direction as Robin flew off in another to bring the valuable information in her possession straight to Guardian Hall immediately. The Arcane Bolt Stallion's hooves echoed like thunder as he soared across the heavens, matching the sonic boom let loose by Matthias' flight path. With a final massive burst of speed, both the Warrior Shaman and the Arcane Bolt Stallion arrived in record time at the apartment of their soul mate, Emily Heinz, aka Ms. Blitzen, right in time to hear someone's very incensed words coming from within her home.

Maddie Malone, aka PhyreFrost, had immediately flown over to Emily's apartment from Guardian Hall, with a look of concern on her face after seeing the reports of the commotion down at the docks, and hearing the rapid calls for aid coming over the AF Police bands. She arrived just in time to hear a very loud rant from one of Emily's friends.

“The next time I see that Atlantean bitch again, I swear to God, Emily, I`ll fucking smash her smug face in!” Hailey shouted to her friend as she herself was lying on the couch, taking in all that had happened to them today, right as Maddie landed on the balcony and slid open the doors. “Hailey? Is Emily alright? I heard from Guardian Hall about what happened down at the docks.” Hailey noticed PhyreFrost coming in from the balcony, and was just about to tell her what happened, when just as quickly, a much deeper voice boomed from the balcony, right behind Maddie. “Hailey Storm! What has happened to my Lightning Dancer?” Matthias asked forcefully after dismissing his wings and also entering Emily's apartment.
As the Warrior Shaman entered the room, Josh's eyes widened when he saw the man: standing about 6’ 7” tall and wearing a sleeveless robe with metal shoulder pads. His strawberry blond hair was slicked back and styled into a ponytail, but that was not what stood out about the new person in their midst. It was how silently the man had arrived at the apartment only seconds ago, almost going unnoticed until he had spoken to the group gathered in the living room.
"My God! This fella is powerful! I didn't even actually sense him until he came in! I can feel his mystical aura now, but I'll be damned if its sheer force is virtually overpowering my own. I can also tell by his stance that he's an experienced soldier like me, but a VERY ancient one at that, and he is not happy that Emily is not one hundred percent right now.” Josh kept his thoughts to himself as he wisely said nothing about he was learning in their company, at least not yet.
“Matthias!” Hailey shouted in surprise as her eyes widened. Even she clearly had NOT noticed the Warrior Shaman as he entered the room, and her mystical senses were far sharper than Josh's. She quickly began to explain what had happened.
“We noticed some people congregating by a couple of crates aboard the cargo ship. Josh and I thought they were police at first, but Emily discovered they weren’t. We ended up battling them, until one of them actually called for a Cyclops to come and help them. While Emily and Josh were fighting him, I was tangling with some mage who turned out to be another Atlantean. At one point, she shot some weird capsule filled with some thick black liquid at Emily, right into her mouth. All of a sudden, Emily screamed out in pain, and then, she began foaming at the mouth, and her eyes turned blood red. Matthias, I swear, she didn’t even recognize me or Josh! She wanted to kill us both right then and there! She bludgeoned the cyclops first, though, and tore his eye out before Josh went over to fight her and knock some sense back into her before anybody else got hurt on the docks. He had no choice but to knock her unconscious, but before she went down, she puked up the black liquid.” Hailey recalled for Matthias' benefit.

Matthias nodded to her as he kneeled by Emily and used his elemental abilities to gauge her condition. “I can sense traces of this foul and mind-warping liquid still in her. I`ll draw it out from her, right now.” He said, his eyes beginning to glow as he began to focus on the task at hand. Maddie kneeled next to him, gently stroking her ward's face as her fiancé's powers came alive around his soulmate. “Is it going to be safe, Matthias?”
The Warrior Shaman nodded. “Yes, Maddie, I have done this before for Emily, back when she had been kept captive by another enemy. She will be as good as new. Don`t worry.”

Holding up his right vambrace and chanting in Atlantean, Matthias used his elemental gift over water with slow and careful precision, and bit by bit, the remains of the black liquid that was still in Emily's body was drawn out through her mouth, until it was all clear of her body, allowing Matthias to incinerate all of it with an intense flame, except for a small vial of fluid that he used his elemental portal skill to send back to his dropship for a full analysis. A minute later, his soul mate finally began to stir, and Matthias sensed his psychic link with her becoming more more relaxed.

“Ugh.... what... happened? Hailey? Mal!” Emily said groggily as she looked up to see her soul mate, and then hugged her fiancé tightly in her arms. “Oh, Matthias! Maddie! It was horrible! I... I turned into some kind of rampaging animal, and nearly killed Hailey and Josh while we were at the docks! I`m SO sorry for what I tried to do! Can you forgive me, Hailey?” She said to her friend, who reached out and took her friend's waiting hands.
“It`s okay, Emily; that Atlantean bitch did that to you. It`s not your fault.“ Hailey said softly. “I`m glad Matthias was able to help you get your mind right, Sparkplug.” Maddie said as the older heroine tearfully hugged her protege. Matthias chimed in a moment later.
“My Lightning Dancer, I was so worried about you. Prince Ozarion and I lost contact with you for a moment back on the ship, and then, we both sensed that huge fit of rage from you before we came here. But, I am glad that I was able to purge what was left of that foreign liquid from your body and spirit.” Matthias said assuringly as he wiped the tears from her freckled face, prompting Emily to smile at him, and then again when, out of the blue, she saw the Arcane Bolt Stallion was standing proudly on the balcony.
“Ose! I`m so glad you came!” She said happily as she got up and went over to hug the powerful shoulder of the mystical Clydesdale/Unicorn, who had been patiently waiting to see if she was all right. The steed smiled back at his life mate.
/ I am very glad that you are alright, Lady Emily, and that Brother Matthias was able to help you reclaim your peace of mind. /
Ozarion's rune glowed in synch with Emily's, and his own powerful electrical aura surrounded Emily as her electrical/magnetic aura intertwined with each other. The Arcane Bolt Stallion gladly and gently replenished the young Atlantean Sparkplug's strength, and also healed her from any serious wounds she may have sustained during her feral state.
“Thank you, Ose.” She said softly to the steed with a tear rolling down her cheek. Ozarion rubbed his face on her face, wiping the tear away from it. / You are welcome, my Lady Emily. / He said to her as she again hugged him tightly.


As Emily warmly greeted her partner, Josh looked on in shock, as his jaw dropped to the floor in kind, while his mind was racing again.
“When Spitfire told me Ms. Blitzen had gotten a horse for a gift from her man, I sure wasn't expecting a Clydesdale/Unicorn, especially one this freakin' big! She wasn’t kidding! He`s HUGE!! Not to mention, if just a little bit of that black liquid made Emily that beastial, I'd hate to see what MORE of it would do to anyone else.” Josh's thoughts come into focus again as Matthias walked up to him and reached out to shake his hand.
“Seems I have you to thank for saving my Lightning Dancer. Who are you, young warrior? I sense that you are a Soldier of Light, much like myself.” He said as he sensed Josh's aura with his acute mystical senses, while thinking, “He is clearly a warrior, and a formidable one at that: worthy of being an ally to Emily and myself.”

”I`m Joshua Webber-Tokugawa. I'm also known as Ghost Revenant, and I'm Hailey's new man.” He said proudly to Matthias. “Well then, Ms. Hailey Storm has chosen well. You are a worthy ally, Joshua. I am Malachi Quinn, but you can address me with my battle name of Matthias Geist, Warrior Shaman of Neo-Atlantis and the Sigilien Order. I am Ms. Blitzen's soul mate and husband to be.” He introduced himself as Josh nodded and grinned in response.
Maddie walked over to them as well, and shook Josh's hand as she had been watching their conversation. “Thank you, Josh. I am PhyreFrost, Emily's mentor and her Guardian, but you can call me Maddie!”
Josh smiled in response, again keeping his obvious thoughts to himself, lest his mage girlfriend reach over and smack him. “Wow! Maddie sure is a looker for an older chick! Yikes, I hope Spitfire doesn`t hear me thinking that right now!” He mused to himself at the end.

Hailey walked out onto the balcony. “I`m glad you`re back, Em. Josh and I'll leave you now, so you can recover, but we`ll be back after we take a look at those artifacts we got from that crate.” She explained.
Emily nodded. “ I`m glad I could help you Hailey.... I`m sorry about before.” She hugged the mage tightly between her breasts, and Hailey nearly coughed up a lung from the lack of air!
“Hey.... hey! We`re best friends! That’s what friends do! Now, buck up, or I`ll have to slap you silly!” She says, then biffed her upside her head and winked over at the Arcane Bolt Stallion as Ozarion huffed in kind.
Hailey smiled, then chanted and summoned her flame dragon. She climbed onto its back and waited for Josh to come along, whom she sees is still talking with Matthias. They shake hands once more, and he comes out to stand on the balcony. “Take care, Josh. Oh, before you go, I want you to meet Prince Ozarion properly. Ose, this is Josh, Hailey's new man, and he's also known as the Ghost Revenant.” Emily said and smiled at her partner.

The Arcane Bolt Stallion nodded his head. /Greetings, friend Josh. I am Prince Ozarion of the Northern Crag herd, from the planet Pangea./
"Uhh.... hey, Ozarion. Good to meet you." He looked over at Hailey, his mouth open. “You weren't kidding! He talks! The horse can really talk, Hailey!” He said excitedly as Emily laughed. Ozarion proudly stood straight up.
/Forgive me, my friend. My species is capable of speech, and I know it is hard for you to get used to. You are a powerful ally to my Lady Emily, Josh, and I hope to see you again in battle./
“Yeah, I hope so, too, Ozarion. Watch over Ms. Blitzen, big fella; she's gonna' need you.” Josh said as he stroked the Stallion's glowing mane, as Ozarion nodded in kind.
/That is my purpose here in this world. Lady Emily is my life mate and battle companion./
Josh smiled, and then, leapt off the balcony as Hailey's dragon flew off to her apartment. Emily hugged Ozarion as they left.
/If everything is safe now, Lady Emily, I shall return to the Nyhshea Eternal and await your return./
“Thank you again, Ose. Don`t worry. I`ll be fine, now that Matthias is with me.” She said assuringly. /Fare thee well, Lady Emily, and you, too, Brother Matthias./ The great stallion pounded his mighty hooves together in the air before exiting the balcony, and riding a gigantic thunderbolt back to Angel Falls North. Matthias send a telepathic note to Ozarion as the Arcane Bolt Stallion soared off into the skies.
- "Thank you, my friend. I will see you again back aboard the Nyhshea Eternal later on today." -
- /Should you need my assistance again, Brother Matthias, summon me, and I shall come./ -
- "Understood." -


- Poseidon City, Atlantis -

After swimming to the invisible mana dome, Kalindra teleported into the city with a determined look in her face and the crate in her hands, even as she walked up to the capital building, which currently served as the personal throne area of ’Emperor’ Rolento. Before entering it, Kalindra heard a female cyclops call over to her. “Lady Kalindra, Where's Ruck, my brother?” She asked with concern. Kalindra put down the crate. “I am sorry to say this, Zoola, but he has been killed, along with the men that accompanied me.” She said to her flatly.

Zoola's eye widened as tears rolled from it, and then, she frowned with rage. “RAAWWRR!! I want blood! Who did this?” She snarled with her shark teeth as she pounded her massive fists on the ground repeatedly, causing tremors on the street which caused onlookers to scurry along on their own business. Kalindra quickly spoke up.
“The Princess did this, Zoola. She killed Ruck and my men. You will get your chance for revenge, and you can tear her apart when I go back to the surface, but first, I must show the Emperor this crate that I was able to retrieve.” Kalindra says assuringly.
Zoola glared at the sorceress. “I will go with you, then, and tear that little bitch to pieces!” She snarled before lifting the crate with no effort and walking into the building with an angry look in her face. Kalindra smiled wickedly as her thoughts passed through her mind.

“Poor foolish cyclops girl! Little do you know, that I LEFT your brother to his fate so that I could escape with this crate, and thanks to my black water, Ruck was no match for the Princess! An excellent test! These cyclops are only good for two things: their muscle and their strength. Definitely NOT for their brains!” She thought with a smile as they entered the main briefing room. The sprawling room was decorated with red and black flags with the symbol of Poseidon's Horn on it. The long table had a huge screen hung above it, with a 3D view of the United States and South America on it. Rolento was talking with General Zorn as she walked up, rolling her eyes.
”Zorn is such a glorified kiss ass! I do all the footwork! It should be ME that leads the army, and NOT this pencil pusher!” She thought as she cleared her throat loudly to be heard. "Ahheemm!"
Rolento turned around. He stood about 6’ 2”, slightly toned with slicked back black hair and a goatee. He also had blue eyes. He was wearing blue pants and a grey shirt with a black and red sleeveless robe.
“Ahh, Kalindra, you made it back from the surface. You only got one crate, eh? I thought that there were more on that ship.” He said as he walks over to her.
“Where are my men that accompanied you, Sorceress?” Zorn said rudely as he turned his attention to her as well. He stood about 6’5” and was slightly muscular, but with blonde hair in a military-style buzz cut, while wearing black and green armor that looked like an Atlantean version of a bulletproof vest.
Kalindra ignored him as she nodded to Zoola, who dropped the crate on the ground. Zorn was about to say something, but the female cyclops glared ferociously at him, grinning with her shark teeth.
“There were more, My Lord, but we ran into interference from heroes from the city and, Rolento, you should know this: the Princess herself was with them.”
Rolento arched his upswept eyebrow. “The Princess? My niece, Emily, was there? She is one of those heroes that tried to stop you?” He said in disbelief. Kalindra nodded as Zoola pounded her massive fists together at the sound of her name.
"Yes, my Lord, but it wasn’t a total loss, as I have one of the crates right here." She explained as she opened the crate and began sifting through the packaging, soon uncovering Atlantean vases. She soon had an angry look on her face as she smashed one. Zorn glared. “Not only did you get my men killed, but you failed to get the artifact that was supposedly going to turn the tide for our invasion!” He said in visible frustration.
Rolento grabbed his arm. “Zorn, not now! Kalindra, are you certain the Horn of Poseidon is at the surface?” He asked. “Yes, My Lord, it was supposed to be on that particular cargo ship that my lovely pet attacked before the Princess killed it!” She said angrily. Taking a deep breath, he spoke. “Well then, go back to the surface and get it at once! This I command!” He shouted with authority. Kalindra solemnly nodded again. “I will not fail, my Lord." She said as she left.

Zorn ran after her after excusing himself from Rolento, and grabbed her arm seconds later. “You come back empty handed again, Sorceress, and I will have you flogged in the arena!”
Kalindra turned right around and slapped the man in his face. “Touch me again, Zorn, and I will summon the rarest, most deadliest Sea Urchin in the seas, and poison your sorry ass!” She growled. Zorn grinned in response, calling her bluff. “You dare threaten ME? I'd like to see you TRY, Kalindra!”
The Sorceress summoned the sea urchin a moment later as she nodded at Zoola, who glared at the General while licking her shark teeth in his direction. “I see, well, then, I`ll.... give you some more men.” He said with a worried look, more about the urchin with its very deadly needles, than of the female cyclops.
Kalindra smirked. “I thought you would see it MY way, you glorified ass kisser! Now get out of my way, I have a mission to complete for the King! Come, Zoola.”
The cyclops looked at Zorn, then flipped him the human hand signal known as 'the bird' as she left with the sorceress. At her quarters, and finally alone, Kalindra turned on the computer that she recently acquired. “Great, now that I've got that blow-hard's stench breathing down my neck, I've got to get that horn to keep Rolento happy, and then, I`ll have Zoola kill Zorn, and I will have the power that is rightfully mine!” She spoke to herself.
Moments after pulling up the Internet, she saw a broadcast on Yahoo News that immediately got her attention: “This is Amy Feng for Channel 3 Action News. We are live at the Angel Falls Museum of Natural History which just opened its newest wing: The Mythological Exhibition, with its newest and most rare piece, the Horn of Poseidon!”
“Soo, that`s where it is! Excellent! Those foolish humans have just handed it to me on a silver platter! Zoola! Call some of your fellow cyclopi over this way! We have a Horn to collect from the surface dwellers! A-hahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!"


Claire De`Lattre sat with a stern look in the back of the taxi they were taking, as her friend and lover, Clemence Wittgener-Mackenzie looked at her with concern. “Are you alright, my love?” She asked while holding Claire's hand. “I`m fine, Clem. I was just thinking, is all.”
Clem arched her eyebrow. “My love, we agreed to go to Ms. Blitzen to warn her of my premonition.” Claire smiled. “I know, my love; it's better to do it this way, than to fight her for no apparent reason like I wanted to. I want to thank you for convincing me that such a move would be a foolish action.”
“Of course! You worked so hard for redemption, my love, and I do not want to see you lose the opportunity to become a Guardian by fighting Ms. Blitzen, based SOLELY on my premonition.” Clem said softly to her lover. Claire smiled, and then hugged her tightly. “I love you so much, Clem.”
As the taxi pulled up to the apartment building, they both got out, paid their fare, and then, entered the building's foyer and went over to the elevator. Moments later, they were at the apartment, ringing the doorbell.

“Oh, Hell! Never a dull moment around here!” Emily grumbled as she heard the front door ringing. Matthias smiled, and Maddie stood up to take care of it. “Relax, Sparkplug, I`ll get it for you.“
Maddie opened the door after quickly checking the eyehole, and Clem's eyes widened as she saw PhyreFrost for the first time, and then glanced over at Emily, who waved at her from the couch she was sitting on. “Clemence!” She shouted. Claire looked at her, her mind elsewhere as she smiled. 'Hmmm, I have heard of PhyreFrost from the others back at Guardian Hall, but I had yet to meet her in person. She is quite an excellent strategist from what I have heard.' She thought.
Maddie's eyebrow arched up. “Clemence Mackenzie? Hey, aren`t you the Guardians librarian, or scribe, or something? Come in, come in!” She said as Clem and Claire walked into the apartment.
Clem was awestruck to actually see them both in person. “Yes, I am the resident bookworm there. PhyreFrost, Ms. Blitzen, I want you to meet Claire De`Lattre`. Claire, honey, this is Ms. Blitzen and her legal guardian, PhyreFrost.” Emily shook Claire's hand, and then Maddie's as well. “I know you. You`re Grendel, huh? I've heard you’re a cyborg, and that you were rebuilt by Polygirl, right?”
-'She is a lot stronger than what she seems.'- Claire mused to herself before answering back. “It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person, Phyrefrost. Ms. Blitzen, I have heard so much about you from Olga as well.” Emily blushed in response.
"Really!? Wow! Oh, shoot! Where the hell are my manners? Clemence, Claire, I want you both to meet my husband-to-be, Matthias Geist. Mal, honey, this is Clemence, and this is Claire.”
Matthias smiled as he shook hands with Clem, and then with Claire as his innate enhanced senses looked them over.
-'She is a very powerful cyborg. Her body is very sophisticated, much like Maddie's fusion heart. I can see Polygirl's handiwork here, and why she is so trustworthy.'- He thought.

“Good afternoon, ladies. It's a pleasure to meet more of my Lightning Dancer's friends.” Clemence's eyes widened again as she took in the sight of the Warrior Shaman, dressed in his sleeveless battle robes, armored boots, and the intricate vambraces on his forearms, but his striking face and cerulean blue eyes are what instantly caught her interest. “Oh, my, he is handsome!” She said softly, although Claire did hear her! She grinned as she, too, looked into his eyes, and made the same conclusion. 'He is a striking warrior, for certain, and VERY powerful indeed.' She thought to herself.

“So, what got you both out of Guardian Hall to see me?” Emily asked as she handed them both a cup of coffee a few minutes later. “You may find this to be strange, Ms. Blitzen, but I have clairvoyant powers that allow me to receive premonitions in my mind.” Clem explained.
Emily nodded. “I see, and please, Clemence, call me Emily while we're all here. Ms. Blitzen is so formal. We`re Guardians, all of us!” She said as she winked to Matthias, who stood next to her, holding her hand and listening intently.
“So, what vision did you see that brought you here to see my Lightning Dancer, Miss Clemence?” Matthias asked politely.
“I saw an island rising up from the ocean, and Angel Falls was being flooded by a huge tidal wave, again. I also saw YOU, Emily. You were screaming your lungs out, either in pain, or in anger, but that’s how it ended.” Clem explained. Emily's eyes widened in shock as Maddie's jaw dropped, and Matthias arched his eyebrow.
“That’s.... interesting. Clemence, wait a minute... did you just say, an island, rising? Matthias?” Maddie looked over to her protege's fiancé.
“Atlantis, Maddie. Robin Morgan and I discovered that the Leviathan that attacked the docks originated from there, without a doubt.” He explained.
“This isn't all a coincidence, everyone! Something is going on here, and it is not good for the city!” Claire said. “Agreed; without a doubt, the Atlanteans are obviously searching for something very, very valuable, Claire.” Matthias pointed out. ”Hmm, if they were searching for something on the cargo ships, then it obviously was some sort of artifact that`s important to them.” Maddie surmised.
Emily's eyes widened in shock as she realized something. “Oh my God! NO!” Matthias, Maddie, Clem and Claire all turned to her, and the Warrior Shaman spoke first. ”Lightning Dancer?”
“Matthias, Ethan.... he can raise it!” She said with a drained look in her face. ”Gravitas! Of course! This is all slowly beginning to come together now!” Maddie said as Matthias had a grim look on his face at the mention of that name, but he quickly kept his anger and obvious contempt for Ethan in check for his bride's sake. Grendel, however, had a curious look on her face. “Who is Gravitas?” She inquired of her friends. Emily looked up. “He's.... my twin brother, evil to the core. He has the power to control gravity, and absorb kinetic energy as well....." Suddenly, Emily's eyes widened in horror without any warning. “NO! NOO!!!“ She screamed and dropped to her knees. Maddie was holding her in her arms even before she hit the floor.
“Sparkplug! Are you all right!? What's happening!?" She asked her pained ward with concern, but only Matthias could suddenly hear her mental cries of pain.

- Matthias! That woman! She's back! She's contacting Ethan! -
- Calm your mind, Lightning Dancer! I feel it as well, but there is nothing we can do for him now. He has chosen his path; all we can do is be ready for what comes next. -

Emily looked up at Matthias, and then, at the older heroine as she regained her composure. “That woman that attacked me, is coming back, Maddie. She's looking for Ethan.... I felt her psychically calling out to him.” She said weakly as Maddie looked over to Matthias, who nodded in response as he stroked Emily's hair, and began to ponder what they should do next.
Suddenly, Clemence's eyes widened and glowed brightly in the presence of her friends! “Emily! I sense pain! Sadness! DEATH!” She screamed out as Claire caught her in her arms. “Clemence! Honey! It's okay, I'm here!” She said. Clemence's eyes turned normal, and she looked up at Emily with tears flowing from her face. “No, Claire! It's not okay at all! Emily.... she.... she dies!” She said as more tears streamed down her face.
Grendel looked at her in shock, then turned to Emily as she spoke up after hearing Clem's outburst. “Clemence, is... is this true?” She asked softly of her lover.
Clem wiped her face. “I don`t know, Emily. My premonitions are not accurate sometimes, and they can be spontaneous. However, some are, and have, come true.”
Emily smiled. “If I die, at least I'll know that I saved the city, or at least tried to.” (Matthias shakes his head, but says nothing out loud, even though his thoughts are hard as Atlantean steel)
- I will not let this happen to her,.... not again. Fates be damned, but I will NOT lose my Daeva-Nyhshea to a catastrophe again! -


Kalindra arrived at a secluded beach in Angel Falls with Zoola and three more cyclops warriors moments later, and surveyed the area before she spoke. “Angel Falls, how decadent! Before we start, Zoola, I have to contact someone.” She confidently said as Zoola arched her eyebrow curiously, while the two male cyclops - her cousins, Zigg and Rizz - looked puzzled, while Zoola's sister Bolla shook her head impatiently at Kalindra's intent. “Stupid psychic links!” She mumbled to herself as Zoola smiled widely. Kalindra ignored the silent banter of the cyclops as she closed her eyes to concentrate.

At the same time, in his warehouse base, Gravitas sat on a throne of stone that he had constructed as the Fearsome Five were busy splitting up another successful robbery.

- Greetings, Ethan D`Khan! I have need of you! -
- Who is this? How dare you attempt to summon me, like I'm some common lackey of a human thug! -
- Spoken like a true Atlantean! Excellent!!! I am Kalindra Karr, a true Sorceress of Atlantis, and I will come to your location shortly, with a proposition that I do believe you will embrace warmly. -

The sorceress found the warehouse in a relatively short amount of time because of her psychic link with Emily's mad brother. However, the rest of the Fearsome Five weren't too pleased by the sudden appearance of Kalindra and her cyclops escorts!

“Who the FUCK are you to come barging in on our haul?” Harriet snapped as she summoned five large sized Pumpkin Izz as Zoola and her kin all smiled widely with their shark teeth.
Lasher jumped in front of her Deputy Leader with her blood whips extended. “You better talk fast, puta, or I will tear your face off!” She growled. Dierdre quickly transformed into the Doll, and pounded the ground hard with her foot, causing a tremor, which surprisingly caused all of the cyclops to laugh at them all.
“That the best you can do, Gold One?” Bolla snapped as Doll charged at them. “Doll smash one-eyes!” She shouted.
Ethan stopped the battle before it could start by absorbing the kinetic energy of Doll and the cyclops at the same time.

“That will be enough of that, you lummoxes! Harriet! Stand down, as well as the rest of you! This woman is a guest, here at my request!”
"Are you sure about this, Ethan? She looks like she needs to be slapped!” Harriet snarled as the sorceress smirked, right before she slapped Harriet hard in the face with the back of her hand. “Like that, you ruffian? Now leave us! Gravitas and I must refresh our memories of one another.”
“I don’t think so!” Mesma shouted as she telekinetically hurled a tire at her, which Kalindra dodged, but just barely, followed up by a strong burst of her pheromones and telepathy.
- In fact, why don’t you love me instead? - (Kalindra laughs)
"Aahahahaaaa!!! I admire the effort, woman, but like your leader, I, too, am Atlantean! You know what that means, I'm sure!"
“Ohh, NOO!! Not again!” Alex said as Kalindra magically redirected Mesma's pheromones right back at her, and pointed her to Harriet as they started kissing each other VERY passionately.

“I SAID, ENOUGH!!” Ethan shouted as he instantly grasped Kalindra in his gravity field as Zoola growled at him. “Let her go, or I`ll tear you apart!” Ethan rolled his eyes.
“Be silent, base creature!“ He then summoned up his gravity orb, which easily pinned the three cyclops to the floor by the potent G-force of the Earth itself. He then released Kalindra, who shook out her robes before nodding at him in thanks.
“You are powerful, Ethan, much like your sister....” (Ethan growls at Kalindra, gravity pulsing through his fist)
“If you do not wish to be crushed by my gravity field again, do not mention my weakling sibling to me again, woman!” He says as he pulled over a chair for her before putting up one of his legs on the arm of his throne. Taking the message, Kalindra sat down, and then smiled at him, garnering more of his ire.
“Talk fast, woman! Wait a minute! I`ve seen you before,..... in a dream... a vision...” Gravitas arched his eyebrow as Kalindra smirked at him again. ”Your memories are returning, Ethan. Good. I am Kalindra, and I have known you and your sister since you were children.”
“I see,... now, so what do you want of me?” Ethan said as he stood up and began paceing back and forth, contemplating what she had just said to him.
“The long civil war in Atlantis is over, and your uncle, Rolento, was successful in overthrowing your father and mother with my help. He now needs your help, Ethan. He has plans, something for the greater good of Atlantis, and he needs your power to do it, but I also need your help as well. The Angel Falls Museum has a valuable artifact from Atlantis that must be retrieved: the Horn of Poseidon. I must acquire it as soon as possible.”
“Why should I help him, or you? What has become of my parents?”
“Your parents live. Rolento cannot kill them, or they will become martyrs, and the people will not accept him as Emperor.”
"IF I help you, what's in it for me?” Ethan said as Kalindra stood up and rubbed his chiseled chest. “Help me with this task, Ethan, and I will be yours! We are destined to be with each other, you and I!”
“What of Rolento? You helped him in the Civil War. I find it hard to believe that you would betray him so easily.” He pointed out.
“He desired the throne from his brother. I desire power, which you have. I will join you, and together, we will both see our destinies of humans bowing to us as it should be!”
“Don’t listen to this smooth talking skank, Ethan! She`s trying to twist you into her personal weapon.” Harriet shouted out, finally able to free herself of her friend's pheromones.
Kalindra glared at her, but let it slide as she spoke again.
"Let a true Prince of Atlantis decide for himself, human, lest you be turned inside out. What say you, Prince Ethan?" The gravity-wielding Atlantean ponders his decision, and then, speaks,
"Do not even think of betraying ME, Kalindra, for you will not survive my wrath, Sorceress or not."
"You have my word, Prince Ethan."
"Very well, then. We retrieve the Horn tomorrow, and then, with you and my minions here, I will return to Atlantis, triumphant!"

(Ethan's laughter fills the room, while the humans can only hope that they survive what is to come)

End Chapter Three


Kalindras meeting with Emilys evil brother Ethan takes place at the Fearsome Fives warehouse base located in
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