Villain Application Picture

Name: Tami Loreno

Villain Name: Ares

Age: 27


Doesn't like to talk to people, however working at Walmart Super Center prevents that from happening. However she enjoys history and loves Roman mythology.

Villain Personality:

Ares only comes out when Tami has serious issues she cant deal with, which is too many to count. She doesn't show mercy to no one, why should they get mercy? Did anyone show Tami mercy?

Ares doesn't like the heroes who parade around the city pretending to care for the people. She only attacks people or places that effected her life in some way. Like a bad memory near a fountain, expect it to be gone less than a couple of days. Sometimes her temper does get out of hand and she will attack at random for no reason, she is just full of anger that needs to be released.

Ares plans to create a group of villains but in order to create a club, she needs members and some extra time on her hands would help too.

Super Power:

Super Strength, she isn't invincible, but can lift 100 times her own weight. She doesn't have unlimited time to use her power. Tami learned the power feeds off of her. So she had to get fat, which is easy because she has a slow metabolism and doesn't work out. However if she over uses it, her hair starts to fade in color, then it starts to fall off, and once all her hair is gone, she is limited to 5 minutes before she collapse and dies.

By over using it, is when she keeps repeatedly activating it and hasn't eaten in between. She may not feel weak at that moment but will feel it later.

Only once has she gotten close to death, if it weren't for her brother.


Lives with her parents and brother to help pay rent. The only problem with her family is when they get mad at each other they don't speak to each other for long periods of time. For example her mom, Maggie hadn't talked to her for like three months because Tami had lied about going to a friends house when she went to a party. Her life my seem normal, but far from it.

Through most of her life, she was taught it was better to keep those nasty feelings inside her. So Tami grew up like that, which is why she had few friends because few people would put up with her. Tami thought the world was cruel because no one wanted to be around her. So she only tries interacting with people as little as possible.

Tami discovered her Next power when she was ten playing a game and almost crushed a boy. Since then the other kids in her neighborhood avoided her, since. Tami stayed indoors and read her books, those were her only true friends, she reminds herself when she gets depressed. She is smart because of reading and passed high school.

Parents were proud and planned to send her to college, until someone stole her parents money. They invested all their money for Tami's college fund and them to retire but the investment was a scam. Tami had to get a job to support her family, the one who took their money was never caught.

Tami just blew, and stole one of her brother's costumes. Once she put the uniform on, she was known as Ares. Nothing stood in her way for the world to feel her wrath. Everyone had to pay, for her misfortunes.
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