Haruki Picture

Another OC, Kasamiya Haruki. He's a hybrid of Empty and human. He was brought up by the really cruel vampire - Kasamiya Nanashi, who had killed all the people in his village, but for some reasons she saved Haruki. Because of that he doesn't trust people, thinking that he can be betrayed.
Also, his name is written with kanji 晴 ('clear [up]') and 生 (life/birth). [No, it's not Haruo, it's Haruki]. His family name (tho it's not his family name but Nanashi's) is 笠宮. 笠 is for 'bamboo hat' and 宮 is for 'Shinto shrine' and 'princess'. I wanted to give him 'funny' name so Vivienne could do some jokes about it
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