Myth Diptych - A Mother's Hero Picture

A project for mythology class. It was supposed to be about the hero's journey, but I ain't done squat with my life, so I made it about cheering my mom up when she's all sad because her life sucks.
I was confused and lied to about the requirements for this project, so what would have made a good front cover ended up being the hastily-made back cover.
The top left image is the back, the top right the first page, the bottom left the second, and the bottom right the last.
I made it by drawing on the wood with a #2 wooden pencil, then going over the outlines with an ultra-fine point sharpie, and then I colored the inside of the lines with acrylic paint.
I also had some fun with the hinges, as the screws were twice as long as the wood was thick, so I took a dremel to them and got to watch the sparks fly. I also found that ALL of the sparks were shaped like a tetrahedral VSEPR diagram, which is very different than the sparks that come from the wood in the fireplace, which are usually boring and cylindrical.
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