Ardis, Falcon Concept Picture

Two of my characters for this comic I've been planning for about a year now. Problem is, I have a surplus of characters that I love equally. To solve this, I have both eliminated some characters, and I have split the remainder up into 4 separate plot lines. The plot lines all tie together, with two of them being the most important, and the other two supporting. These are a couple focus characters from plot line one.

Ardis: The modern, female reincarnation of King Arthur. the cattle prod is Excalibur/the ultimate weapon. She is in competition with other reincarnated epic heroes for possession of it. The shape of this epic weapon changes depending upon who wields it--shovel, electric guitar, rake, bat, etc. Traits: highly intelligent, quick temper, courageous, self-centered, has a hard time getting used to collaborating with other heroes instead of lording over them. Why is he a she now? Morgan le Fay thought he could learn a thing or two.

Falcon: The modern reincarnation of Merlin. A closed-off, mostly silent, gamer. He actually doesn't show up for a while in the plot line, and isn't as large of a character. Extremely powerful. He and Clyde (the emo cyclops guy wearing orange I've posted before) share a nerdy friendship.

Anyway, I didn't have much time this weekend to do my weekly art, so I used hatching to color. I actually think I might keep that for the comic. I'll have to see how it works with darker lighting.
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