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I just started drawing again, after a pause of over 12 years. I know this drawing isn't really good but I need the practice and most of all, the motivation to practice^^. So I decided to start a new World, my own little fictional Comic/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Company. For this I will now try to create some Superheroes and their stories. First one is inspired by my favorite Hero. The next will be completly my own and later redesigns of heroes from mythology and public domain characters.

Drawn with: Wacom Cintiq 12wx, Adobe Photoshop CC
Time to draw: about 2 Hours.
Inspiration: Superman from the Fleischer Cartoons (for the Hero), flying pose inspired by DC Universe Online Avatar.

When the World began to change and the silent war for freedom began, the ruling class unleashed their "Aeternalis Somnium" project. This allowed them to control the minds of the lower class through the new media. It was supposed to calm them down, make them blind and use their cerebral energies to make nightmares real that would destroy those who were trying to oppose the leaders of the new World Order. Those nightmares, selected from fiction, myth and past times, allowed them to build an secret army to hunt down the rebels. Those rebels, a small group of individuals who tried to awake the lower class and show them the truth, was able to acquire some files about the AS project and start their own. Limited by their numbers and branded as conspirators they couldn't gather enough followers. Though they believed their project to have failed it was indeed an success. The AS field they released found it's way into the head of a coma patient, a small kid who dreamed an eternal dream about the greatest and first Superhero he read so much about in his beloved Cosmos Comics. This was the day that Supericon entered our World, to fight for truth, freedom and justice.

Supericon was at first confused but saw a world full of peril. Opposed by the united Governments he tried his best to help and inspire the people. This lead to a new wave of awakened, whose cerebral energies fueled the Rebels AS machine and gave birth to new wonders.

In his world, the fictional comic Universe of Cosmos Comics, Supericon was the sole survivor of the Planet Xenon. The people of Xenon were human like beings of incredible intellect. The eternal storms in their atmosphere made interstellar travel impossible and only few rays of their Blue Giant made it through. Those rays however were absorbed by their cells and granted them enhanced speed and strength. They were able to run a hundred times faster than a human, were ten times stronger and could see a hundred miles further. However, unknown to them their planet was doomed. Their Galaxy collided with another and soon the destruction would reach their world. A pair of scientists didn't want to see their new born son die. They knew that no one could flee and once in space the cells of a Xenonian would be overloaded by the increased exposure to the sun, so they made a special spaceship, made of Xenothium (a rare material, barely enough for the small ship), that would absorb most of those rays till the body of their baby would adjust and the cells evolve beyond all limits. This would take a hundred years, in which the baby would sleep, in a suspend animation, with his soul-bound protection unit, the AI Xerio. After a hundred years of travel the baby landed on Earth where it was found by a young priest who brought it to an orphanage. There it was adopted by a gentle couple, a philosopher and a psychologist who tried to live a secluded life in the eastern forests of Europe, writing and living for themselves. Soon they discovered the special talents, now amplified through the rays of the stars it passed by, and teached it to protect the weak and fight for truth, freedom and justice. This is how he became the greatest and first Superhero of his time. The Xerio unit always at his side, shape changed into a Dog. His secret Identity is Jan Kadmon and he works for a publishing company that specializes in science, sociology and the education of the unprivileged.

Powers: Super Strength, Flight, Superspeed, Solar Vision, X-Ray Vision, Energy Vision, Invulnerability, Super intelligence, Cold Breath, Telepathy.
Secret Identity: Jan Kadmon
Allies: Xerio the artificial Dog.
First appearance: Deviant Art 25.08.2015

appreciate comments and criticism ^^

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