_PLAID LOVER_ Thy Name is Gabe Picture

Ha, now my other Batman OC has a ref! And so does his dog lolol.

Yup, this here is Gabriel, the guy who drove Lynn to a life of crime. He loves plaid shirts xD, he has an albino Doberman named Prince, and he is also sort of a nutjob – in one sense lol. After he finds out who Lynn is (the Skinwalker) he goes on this personal crusade (with some help) to put a stop to all of her plans Malcolm X style in an attempt to get her to give up crime and go back to her normal life – with him, because he’s now had this epiphany where he believes he’ll eventually be ready to commit to her - and in the process he becomes just as bad as her, doing things that would easily be considered domestic terrorism. At this point, he has a new view of who he is, where he considers himself to be like his namesake (the Archangel of Judgement) and he feels it’s his job to judge people’s actions… harshly. Thus he gets the nickname “The Judge”, which just fuels his semi-God Complex further lol. Also notice the W.H. Auden quote xD

A couple quizzes to better explain his personality lol:

Name: Gabriel
Nickname: “Gabe”, but he’ll punch you if you call him that xD, and “The Judge”
Birth date: June 18th
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark brown
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 160 lbs
Overused Phrase: “I am the sole judge of truth and decency” lolol (GTA again xD)
Food: Pot roast
Continue Reading: Hero