Umbra's Emblem Picture

Made in MSPaint, but still used math to have all the proportions correct. Ok, so this is the emblem for my original character Umbra, from a story that is ridiculous in its complexity and that hasn't had any of it written down yet. To simplify things, he's a superhero that's actually a godlike being with amnesia who's trying to take down a powerful science and research corporation that made him able to enter the physical realm, but will eventually cause an apocalypse, so he teams up with a similarly powerful being, but who is naturally human and was created accidentally by the science company(unbeknownst to them), as well as some immortal friends of his from viking age Scandinavia, a cyber ninja, the daughter of a psychopomp, and a few genetically modified super-people that were given their powers so they could be tested in a massive secret facility, in an attempt to create or match the powers of Umbra, all the while there is a government agency somehow connected to both the testing facility and the science company. Also, there is time travel, artificial intelligence, existentialism, romance, vampires(none of that fako-lamo Twilight nonsense), humor, and a lot of other stuff. If I gave a full and detailed explanation, there would be a wall of text that would be TLDR. Oh and also, Loki, Thor, and Odin might be in there... (Though not in person, but, rather, referenced through Norse mythology, which has influenced the nature of the spiritual realm in the story).

The simplest possible explanation of my story is "Magic vs. Science, and a god of nothingness at the heart of it."
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