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He's fairly recent, and not all that interesting by himself, but as an exemplar for the Blues in general, the Acolyte will do nicely (and he worshiped Kali who as presented had a remarkable similarity to Trigon (New Teen Titans v1 #5 1981 DC) which then leads to the Church of Blood... and... and...).

The Acolyte
Young Justice v1 #9 1999 DC

Thing is, the Blues are everywhere: Venus, Mars, India, Tamaonash/Battlelands, Asia Minor, Limbo Town, Mikishawm/Subterranea, and all over the minor dimensions and polders.

Sheba, Queen of the Desert (Flash Comics v1 #6 1940 DC), the Blue Lama (Sensation Comics v1 #68 1947 DC), Solazis of Mars, who were not native to Mars (Superman v1 #62 1950 DC), Kulak (All-Star Comics v1 #2 1940 DC), Vas Onga of Mikishawm (Adventure Comics v1 #53 1940 DC), Fahir of the Makhna (Hawkman v4 #3 2002 DC)

and this is just the Sol system and the Subtle Realms and polders surrounding it; not taking into account the half-dozen indistinguishable-in-every-way-from-humans-except-they're-blue alien peoples (specifically in Legion of Super Heroes). The Acolyte here, besides satisfying this recent horn fixation I seem to have developed, was also sort of magical and based in India, as were Fahir and the Makhna (or at least attached there and based in the mythology of the area.

This is looking more and more like the Blue of Sliding Albion (The Authority v1 #5 1999 Wildstorm first mentioned Stormwatch v1 #44 1997 Wildstorm). They're not humans, they're not even strictly homo-magi (despite claims that Limbo Town is descended from the humans of Roanoke Island; humans interbred with the Blue, maybe), but they've been about for at least as long as humans, if not as long as the Blood Tribe, and everywhere humans end up, they've been there first. With these cats, the Blood Tribe, the Manhunters under Roh Kar, the centuries old Earth/Apokolips alliance that would become Intergang, and the Religion of Crime (which is not in any way connected to Intergang, but may have ties to the oldest vampires) if there's a conspiracy theory floating about it's a good chance one of them's involved.

Me? I'm thinking they're out of the Subtle Realms; some species native to the spaces-between. Maybe run out of their home in the way-back-when by something bigger and meaner than them like the Rifters (Breach v1 #1 2005 DC) or, in the case of the Wayward Earth, the Reach.

For the maybe three people who actually read this stuff: if you know of any other appearances of the Blue (that aren't LoSH related) let me know in the comments, yeah? Thoughts on the subject at hand are always appreciated as well.

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