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So these are Amalgam combinations though up by Simpson1982 , and I came up with the stories and how I thought they should look. I liked trying to figure these things out, some characters that don't fit and how to make them fit and sound right and not meshed together. There will be more to come, This is a large large image. With many characters not shown yet... its like when a comic cover reveals one character on a new team at a time leading up to the final big reveal of the whole image.

Doctor Fate + Thor = Norn
Whoever shall wear the helmet of Norn, should he or she be worthy, shall gain the power of the Norns of Fate. Denise Nelson is the latest to find the helmet, when putting it on she transformed into Norn, the god of Fate. She has a wide variety of powers including god like strength, increased speed, telepathy and telekinesis, flight, near invulnerability, mystical senses, knowledge of magic and the ability to use that magic.

Booster Gold + Iron Man = Iron Gold
Mikey Carter Stark was the son of a billionaire CEO genius named Jonar Stark. They live in the year 2475. While his father was a brilliant and kind man Mikey was a brilliant slacker. He was once a promising athlete and promising inventor like his father, but was now just a janator in his father’s museum located on the first floor of his skyscraper. When a terrorist attack led to he and his father’s kidnapping, him with a chest full of shrapnel, his father saving his life with an arc reactor in Mikey’s chest, and then his father’s death while Mikey escaped, Mikey had enough of slacking. In the commotion, like his father planned, Mikey stole a super armor suit, equipped with an AI called JARVIS, a Legion Ring, and a time travel device and went back in time. But while he was meant to travel back to stop the terrorists by warning his father he accidentally went back too far to the year 2016. His father wouldn’t even be born until 2412. And the Time device was busted. With little choice Mikey had to stay in the year 2016. Maybe he could fix things, alter time and save his father that way. Maybe if he stopped major disasters and threats he could save his father in the future and all the while search for a way to get home. he became the superhero Iron Gold. And while it might be easy to try and save the world all the time, the prospect of fame and money, and admiration, was hard to not fall into for Mikey’s ego.

And he later discovered his good deeds had inadvertently caused trouble in the future, namely in the form of his father traveling into the year 2016 as a super criminal called Iron Nova. It is revealed that Mikey’s actions resulted in, he hopes, an alternate timeline where his father was born into poverty, and grew up a con artist, bank robber, who spent time in prison for murder, and Mikey was sent back in time by his father to rig things for Jonar.

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) + War Machine = Beetle Machine
Mikey also met his good friend, CEO/pilot/inventor Ted Rhodes of Rhodes Industries. They first met when Mikey was looking for someone who could fix his time sphere device or maybe invent a new device. Then Ted, who invented non-lethal weapons and tools for the government all the time, reverse engineered Mikey’s Iron Gold armor suit and created his own he called the Beetle Machine. Could Ted be his great, great ancestor?

Nightwing + Captain America = American Night
Steve Grayson and his family are the Flying Graysons, great circus performers. When WWII started Steve left to enlist in the army, but found out he was classified as 4F. But he was enlisted into an experimental program. The serum turns Steve into the peak of human perfection. He is stronger, faster, more agile, smarter, etc. But the facility is attacked and everyone is presumed murdered, Steve is left for dead. So he creates a uniform to hide his identity, to honor the dead, and to conceal him in the shadows, while at the same time making him a symbol of America to show the enemy America is fighting back. Batmaster doesn’t remember, but he was partners with American Night for a few years and trained him to be the best he could be.

Wonder Woman + Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) = Spider-Wonder or Wonder Spider
Jessica Prince, or Diana Drew, was a young girl when the terror group Hydra (for now) took her in and trained her. She was then chosen to infiltrate the island of Themyscira, also known as the island of the Amazons. Like Avatar she was sent in to spy but ended up becoming one of them. Not only that but she is chosen to become their warrior protector ambassador the Wonder Spider. Given the armor and weapons of the Wonder Spider she gains super powers, strength, flight, energy blasts, speed and agility, etc. (costume: imagine merging the W symbol of WW’s armor with the Spider symbol of Spider-Man’s black suit. Her gold gauntlets have a spider motif as well. Maybe her Tiara extends down into her spider goggle mask. She wears a full suit. No exposed legs or arms. He costume should be more armory than Spider-Woman’s. Web wings.)

Captain Boomerang + Hawkeye = Ricochet
Clint Harkness was raised by an abusive drunk in his homeland of Australia. He ran away from home and took up with a traveling circus where he was raised and trained by the resident Swordsman. He taught Clint how to use and master Boomerangs. Clint became such an expert and with such perfect precision. The Circus, as it turned out was a criminal organization that used their skills to commit crimes. He was arrested by Amanda Fury (?) and “joined” her Thunderbolt Squad on criminal manned suicide missions. Later he became semi-rehabilitated and an official agent. Clint is not only an expert marksman and combatant, he is also skilled in geometry which he uses to figure out angles and trajectory. While he isn’t necessarily bad, a sort of enemy of his is Reed Allen AKA Mister Flash. Why is his costume purples? Growing up he was not rich and dreamed of being rich, purple is the color of royalty he heard. Because purple was hard to come by in fabrics so only the richest could afford them. So he made his costume purple, the color of royalty.

Batman + Taskmaster = Batmaster
He has glimpses of his past, parents being murdered in front of him, possibly his parents. Travelling the world with a uncle type figure. Being rich. Learning skills and fighting styles around the world. But it’s all a fuzzy blur. All he remembers for sure is the sight of the two parents being murdered in front of his eyes. That and the mission. All he knows is he is a expert in fighting and can copy or mimic any fighting style he sees. He is a weapon of justice against the criminals who prey on the city. He was once Bruce Wayne, a billionaire orphan son who saw his parents murdered in front of his eyes. He and his adopted father/uncle Alfred Pennyworth travelled the world learning and training until he became an expert in combat, strategy, detecting, science, math, law, thievery, and various other skills. Somehow his training and fighting is all he remembers with photographic recall. The rest becomes fuzzy memories as if they weren’t his own. He was once Bruce Wayne, now he is only Batmaster!

Ambush Bug + Ant-Man (Scott Lang) = Ambush Ant
Scott Lang stole suit from fallen inventor (Hank Pym + ?) that allows him to shrink down in size, have super strength at a smaller size, and teleport. The teleporting took him into the real world, or another dimension, where their reality was nothing more than a comic series where two different companies mixed titles. Now it is hard for him to see things differently.

Human Torch & Invisible Woman + Zan & Janya = Fantastic Twins? Cosmic Twins?
Zan and Janya Storm are twin brother and sister, adopted by Dr. Jonathan Storm. Dr. Storm was a brilliant scientist. He was examining his lab’s latest assignment, an ancient meteorite when he was attacked and killed. Somehow the meteorite was hidden by Storm just before the attack and the attacker didn’t get it… which is assumed to be what was intended by the break in and attack. Their adopted father’s death brought much attention to the lab. Cops, Crime Scene Investigators, media, and a private investigator. People were in and out of the lab a lot the next few days. One evening Zan and Janya were in the lab, along with the CSI Dr. Allen, and the PI Rex Grimm, when one of them stumbled upon the meteorite. It was activated somehow and bathed the room in a green glow for a few seconds before turning off.
Everyone stood around for a few seconds, dumbstruck about what just happened. Then the changes happened. Dr. Allan and Rex changed, physically. But the twins not only changed physically but mentally and emotionally too. The meteorite opened memories. they were aliens, and they had powers. They morphed into their true forms which was basically human but with pointy ears. And their powers, which were there all along, were unlocked. Zan gained the powers of the elements, able to change into a being of fire, water, earth, diamond, etc. Janya had the power of invisibility and force fields. A power which would grow to be the greatest among them. The meteorite was a tool to remind them of their true origin. Reed Allan and Rex Grimm were just there. But they all decided to band together and become the Fantastic Four.

The Flash (Barry Allen) + Mister Fantastic = the Fantastic Flash? Mr. Flash?
Reed Allen, destined to be this generations Einstien, was a Crime Scene Investigator when he was exposed to the Comic energy of an ancient meteorite along with Rex Grimm and Zan and Janya Storm. He was examining the murder of Zan and Janya’s father when they found the meteorite. It bathed the found in cosmic energy, changing them all. Reed gained super speed. Along with moving faster than any human alive, possibly faster than the speed of light, at a certain speed he could even manipulate the molecules of his body to stretch. His mind was sped up as well. He was already smart but now could think faster, see almost every possibility.

Metamorpho + The Thing = Morpho-Thing
Rex Grimm was exposed to the energy from an ancient meteorite, an energy called Cosmic Rays. Out of everyone in the group Rex changed the most. He gained the power to transform into various elements, rock, ice, glass, earth, water, fire, based on the chemical elements in his body. But he was physically changed into an inhuman thing, unable to return to human form.

Amalgam’s Fantastic Four: Strangers brought together by one tragedy, an alien meteorite, and cosmic powers. Janya and Zan Storm, Rex Grimm, and Reed Allen. And sometimes their robot monkey G.L.E.E.P. GLEEP looks like a cross between a monkey and HERBIE. Haven't drawn him in yet.

Superman + Azura/Thena = Super-Azura
The daughter of Krypternal Zuras-El and Lara-El, and the last daughter of Kryptitan left on Earth, she was found and raised by humans John and Martha Eliot. They named her Clara Eliot. She grew up to be Super-Azura. Clara grew up knowing her true power but hiding it, her adopted parents never discouraged her from using them to help people and save the day but made sure she understood how important it was for her to keep it a secret. When she was young her and her adopted parents found a capsule with things her birthparents wanted her to have to remember them by. Hologram recordings, her mother’s suit of armor. A history of her people. Etc. But most important was why she was sent away, for her own safety, and all about Zhanos. As Super-Azura she wears her mother’s armor which includes her family’s crest which resembled an “S” leading to papers calling her “Super.” Her powers are flight controlled by her telekinesis, regenerative powers making her almost invulnerable, super strength, and super speed. She can focus her inner cosmic energy and increase any of these powers by channeling energy into that power, however the other powers decrease for this to happen. She can be so much stronger but risks being more vulnerable and less able to fly or move things with her mind. In her secret civilian identity Clara works at a newspaper/magazine/website publisher. She isn’t a reporter but this gives her access to information.
One of her enemies is the millionaire Dr. Otto Luthor, a brilliant scientist who used his intelligence to make a multimillion dollar empire, and has his hands in various criminal activities. He beginning researching Super-Azura when she showed up which led him to look deep into the past at myths and legends and sightings, which again led him to various writings. He eventually put together, although he could not prove any of it, that she was a descendant of aliens who came to Earth centuries ago. Aliens mankind saw as gods. This troubled him because he saw that as an outcome of Super-Azure. Her species returning, taking the planet, being treated as gods again. She became good friends with Batmaster, a hero who despite his grim and troubled personality, was a good man who naturally cared for people. Another friend she found is Jessica Prince, Wonder Spider. She also teams up with Norn, the god of fate, Spider-Borg, and so many others. She is the Superman of this universe. Her rogues list includes Darkstopheles, one of the most powerful demigod aliens in existence.
When General Zhanos returns he immediately goes after Super-Azura.

Two-Face + The Punisher = Law and Order
Frank Dent, or Harvey Castle, was Internal Affairs in Hell’s Kitchen. This led to him cleaning house in a Hells Kitchen Precinct. This angered the mob and the dirty cops involved and they targeted Frank and his family. In an explosion they died and half his body was burned. In the last minute, before they killed Frank was able to take out one hit man and then the two others with the fallen killer’s gun. Sitting in the wreckage of his home, surrounded by the bodies of his wife and kids and their killers was technically the first time he officially had a conversation with Big Frank. Frank had had anger issues in the past. Easily agitated and extremely violent. Something that seemed to stop or die down with his wife. Frank and Big Frank talked about the past, the death of his love and their kids, the greatest things in his life. They gave him purpose and were so easily taken from him, life taken from them, because of his job. Because of him. Together Frank and Big Frank came to a conclusion. That they needed to take over where the law and order was failing. They would become a vigilante. They decided to return to his previous life, before he was IA Harvey was SWAT (?), and excelled in weapons, targeting, and hand to hand combat. But he left that life for his wife, and never looked back for his kids. He was considered the most dangerous of his team. They would return to that person he was, angry, violent, dark, and deadly. They, Frank and big Frank, already eliminated the idea of going to the cops or FBI or any agency. No one could be trusted and they would be tied up in red tape, unable to do what he was planning anyway. His gear, weapons, and ammo, was all in the sealed off storm cellar in the house. Enough to get him started. His family was gone, he was presumed dead. Why disappoint his enemies and targets and reveal he was alive. Step One: See an underground doctor about his scarred body. Step Two: Take out those responsible for the hit on his family. And then Step Three: Declare War on All Crime! He would be their new Law and Order, their judge, Jury, and if necessary, their executioner. To help him choose which side of him to listen to, Frank and Big Frank, Frank would flip a coin. Good side, Frank, bad side, Big Frank. And Big Frank was the part that represented the unrestrained anger and violence Frank was capable of.
One of Frank’s inevitable enemies was a mobster called Jigsaw. While Frank’s mind was fractured, Jigsaw’s body and face was fractured.


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