Cindelaras Picture

A Young King of Jyan'garah Kingdom, Cindelaras, rules in peace; until one fateful day, the Royal Sage advises him about the world chaos prophecy. Thus, he decided to leave the Kraton Palace and embarks on an adventure seeking for the prophecied Heroes of Garuda that will save the world from catastrophe.

Equipped with the magical boomerang, Kingswing, and aided by his personal 'Animus' companion, Synicah the Rooster; the duo fights in sync during battle. Their synchronized attack causes chain damage against enemies; but most of the time, Synicah defends Cindelaras from being enemies' target while he casts magical enhancement and healings to Synicah. Outside of combat, Synicah is also able to transform into a giant eagle and serves as a flying transportation for Cindelaras to travel around the continents.

Cindelaras is derived from an eponymous folklore from East Java, Indonesia. The story tells about an exiled prince who befriends a magical rooster, and later at the end of the story, reclaim his throne by defeating his own father, the King, in an cockfighting tournament.

Poly Count:
- Cindelaras : 2813 tris
- Boomerang "Kingswing" : 2 tris
- Synicah : 1326 tris
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