The 12th Princess Picture

Illustration assignment, low relief sculpture/collage work.

This image illustrates the opening scenes of a rather long Bohemian folktale, "Long, Broad and Sharpsight" or "Long Broad and Quickeye" (depending on who you're reading).

It opens with the prince (who will go on to become one of our heroes) climbing the stairs to a mysterious tower painted to resemble the night sky, where he finds painted upon the window portraits of a bunch of beautiful princesses, but being a curious fellow, he decides to unveil the covered portrait of a tragic looking princess.

Who, naturally, he falls madly in love with.

He then discovers she is imprisoned in a castle of iron by an evil wizard (gosh darn them evil wizards), and being a stubborn bloke, sets off to rescue her...

If you want the rest, google it. I don't have an hour to tell it to you!

I did have a more worked up an heavily referenced image for the princess, this was a sketch. But I liked it much better, so I went with it.


Cardboard, book cover, watercolour paper, drawing cartridge, india ink, pastel, spray fix, coffee, tea, brocade, foam core, double sided tape and acrylic binder.
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