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Here is my Total Drama OC. I copied the bio format from Krisimate's OC which can be found here. [link]


Name: Lester Anthony Quinn Bailey (mixture of Irish and British names due to heritage)

Meaning of name:
- "Lester" meaning "From Leicester"

Nicknames: "Lez", "Cuz", Bro , Brit, Kid, Little Buddy, Little guy, The Silent Guy (TDI), Maestro, Mr. Mischievous, DJ's little Cousin, Encyclopedia, Braniac, Textbook, shrimp

- (Lez, Cuz, Little Buddy, Little guy, Maestro and Mr. Mischievous are the nicknames that DJ gave Lester to which some the other contestants adopted)

Meaning of nickname: Shortened version of his first name.

Stereotype: The Whiz Kid

Age: 11

Race: British West Indian

Hometown: London, England
Birthday: June 1st

Species: Human

Gender: male

Religion: Christian

Allergies: Pollen

Sexual preference: girls

Occupation: Honors Academy Student

Way of speaking: properly (however he wants to)

Theme Song(s): N/A

Personal Quote: There are many, but his favorite is, "There is no substitute for intelligence" ~ Dr. Rudy Gilbert


Hair color: Brown

Hair style and length: Low, clean cut and shaven

Eye color: Bright Cyan/green (eye color changes according to mood)

Eyesight: 20/20

Height: 4'8''

Weight: 140 lb.

Clothing style: Red T-Shirt with White Trimming with black filled V design pattern in the middle, White long sleeve shirt, custom rocket sneakers with metallic grooves for rail grinding (designed and manufactured by him, Dark Blue Jeans Shorts with pockets, Black belt with gold buckle, and special UK collectors cap.)

Abnormalities: a bit stronger than the average 11 y/o

Distinguishing Marks(scars, tattoos, etc.): Bright Cyan/green eyes, goatee, freckles above his nose

Self Care (makeup): clean shaven

First impressions on people: Very Shy, reticent, introverted

Skin Color: Brown

Body type/build: a bit muscular, athletic

Usual expression: Calm, very reserved

Posture: Stands up straight

Piercings: none

Describe their voice: Regular 11 year old boy British voice. (Sort of like this one [link] , only a bit deeper)

Weapon of choice: Black box. (The black box is a device designed and built by Lester that has universal applications. It recognizes only Lester's voice and

transforms into any of the per-programed features of Lester's choice, as well as it acts as a super computer. That's pretty much what it is, a transforming super



Mom: Claudia Beverly Johnson

How do they get along: Lester absolutely loved his mom and looked up to her. He doesn't know much about her because she was murdered by his father when he was at a very young age. She is the sister of DJ's mom and she worked as a special agent for the Queen and was a very dear friend to her. Her death took everyone by surprise.

Dad: David Conall George Bailey

How do they get along: Lester hated his father because he abused his mother. He doesn't know anything else about him because he is out of the picture. period He is served in the Royal Navy for 12 years and then became a personal trainer. He loved to drink and abuse drugs, and has not been seen since the murder of his wife.

Siblings: None

How do they get along: N/A

Children: None

How do they get along: N/A

Other family members: DJ (cousin) DJ's Mom. DJ's Brothers (cousins)

Aunt: DJ's Mom

How do they get along: Lester and DJ's mom get along just fine. She encourages him to be more out going like her sons, and often pushes him to be more sociable like DJ and to come out of his shell.

Cousin: DJ

How do they get along: Lester, at first was absolutely terrified of DJ. This is because DJ resemble his father only in the fact that he is very big and muscular. Lester is terrified of DJ because a haunting memory that refers back to the night his mother died. The first time he saw him, Lester tried his best to stay out of his view, always being haunted by the same terrific nightmare. DJ, taking notice of this tried to reach out to him, but without any luck. It wasn't until the two were locked inside the boys cabin, due to a prank that was being pulled on Lester by Duncan and Geoff, that Lester was able to get over his fear of DJ by DJ gently coaxing him out of it. (Here is an illustration of the event. I didn't have a background of the inside of the cabins at that time, so that is why they were both outside. [link]) The two from that day on became very good friends, until one day, when there were to be no challenges, DJ was inside the boys looking at a picture of his mom. Lester, walked over to see who it was that he was looking at and he recognized. He then pulled out a picture of his mom with her sister, and the two realized that they were cousins. From that point on, the two became even closer. DJ treats Lester more like the little brother he's never had instead of his little cousin, and Lester looks at more like an older brother instead of an older cousin.

Past lover(s): None

Current lover:none

Reaction to meeting someone new: Will hide behind someone or something (mostly DJ) if they/it are in the immediate vicinity and peek out, or he will just wave timidly if there is nowhere to hide.

Ability to work with others: he counts on the teamwork of an entire group to get things done

How Sociable(shy, etc.): Very shy, timid.

Friends: Everyone except Chef and Chris and Alejandro. He tolerates Courtney.

Pets: none

Least favorite type of person: Arrogant, cockiness, rude,

Affinity with...: DJ (related by blood)

Favorite people: DJ, Beth, Izzy, Harold, Cody, Gwen, Leshawna, Heather (becomes friends after the first season)

Least favorite people: Chris, Chef , Alejandro


When you first meet them: Calm, mature and polite but extremely shy.

As you know them better(and they like you): Friendly and helpful, polite, mischievous (only to Some people) witty, a bit goofy.

As you know them better(and they hate you): Mean.

Positive characteristics:
-Intelligent (Genius)
-Thinks over situations before he acts

Negative characteristics:
-Very Shy
-Has a terrible temper once you tick him off
-Vengeful with those who hurt her family/friends
-Can hold a grudge for a very long time
-Can be quite cruel to those he is currently angry.

Favorite color: Green

Favorite food: All types except the ones that are is least favorite. He absolutely doesn't eat pork.

Favorite animal: Dog

Favorite instrument: Trumpet

Favorite remembered moment in life: When he and DJ realized that they were relatives

Least favorite color: pink

Least favorite food: Bananas, watermelon, pork, coffee,

Least favorite animal: simians, primates, you get the idea

Least favorite instrument: Doesn't have one

Most hated moment in life: When his father murdered his mother

Hobbies: playing video games, reading, watching TV. Cooking, drawing, and singing

Usual mood: Calm

Drink/smoke/drugs: neither

How serious are they: Second-highest level

(In)Dependent: Independent

Soft spot/vulnerability: Family/friends, animals, (except monkeys, apes, you get the idea)

Opinion on swearing: Hates it. It is possible to get your point across without using a single swear word.

Daredevil or Cautious: Both

Favorite music type: Classical, modern classical, swing, jazz, pop, techno, ambient, rock,

Favorite movie type: Comedy, action, occasional drama.

Favorite book type: Any type. Prefers novels.

Comfortable temperature: He can tolerate both hot and cold temperature. He prefers mild climate.

Sleeping pattern: Abnormal. Goes to sleep when he wants to

Cleanliness or sloppy: strictly neat and clean. (how he was raised)

How does he pass the time: Reading, writing music, drawing, thinking, improving gadgets, flying, flipping, exploring, hanging out with DJ.

Biggest secret: Secretly wishes that he was less timid and more social.

Hero/who do they look up to: Mother, DJ,

Fears: Big Muscular guys (conquered), Being made fun of (that's why he's usually silent), being in small enclosed spaces, being crushed, Mutants (conquered), Monsters (conquered)

Comforts: Friends, music, God, and music

Drunk type: Completely Sober. (he's 11 for goodness sakes)

Special abilities: Many. Anything Musical, cooking, being witty and silly or amusing in general, sarcasm, dodge ball, gymnastics, drawing, martial arts, Dodging, Hacking, Discernment, Problem and puzzle solving, Leaning very quickly, building/repairing/Inventing , planning, imitating different accents, voices, and sounds, Parkour, sports, making friends (due to DJ helping him with his timidness), teaching,....(lots of things -.-)

Abide the law?: Mostly, but can be a rebel when he feels like it.

Dance style: any type except the rather sex-like ones.

What role would they be in they were in...
Romance movie: The one who denies they are in love until they find the 'one'.
Action movie: The BA (bada*- ya that word.)
Cartoon: The slapstick, witty, one
Horror movie: The one sacrifices his life
Porno: Your kidding right? -.-

How do they act when they are...
Sad: Would want to be alone and not speak to anyone.
Happy: Smiles and acts friendly toward his friends.
Angry: you would most definitely know when he's angry. He'd warn you to keep away, but you'd see it in his face
Afraid: Would mostly try to hide it, but would shiver violently and would be paralyzed by his fear. would try to get away or completely evade the target of his fear.
Love someone: Blushes a lot and looks away bashfully
Hate someone: Ignore the snot out of them.
Want something/someone: Will work for it and earn person's trust and respect
Confused: Raises an eyebrow then walks away, shaking his head

How do they react to...
Danger: Usually detects from before and stays close to trusted group of people and formulates a way of escape.
Death of loved one: Would want to spend time alone.
If something is very difficult: sit back and think of all the alternatives that he's tried and think of some that he hasn't tried yet.
Injury: Hold back on physical activity until it was healed.
Something irresistibly cute: Smiles and compliments on the item in question


Languages: English, French, Irish and Scottish Gaelic, Romansh, Latin, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Sign Language, Russian, Icelandic, and Romanian

Schooling level: High level, at Honors University Level

Favorite subject(s): Math and Science

Interested careers: Architect/Civil Engineer

Expertise: Gymnastics, strategist, solving problems (especially those at a critical level)...(look at his Special abilities)

Puzzles: Loves them

Chemistry: Loves it

Math: Loves it

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